A comprehensive guide on CBSE class 10th result 2021 date

As you all are waiting for the CBSE class 10th result 2021 date as the exam has been canceled by the board. So in this article, I will provide you the complete details for results along with marks distribution. So let’s begin!

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CBSE class 10th result 2021

CBSE released a notification for CBSE class 10th result 2021 on 01.05.2021. This notification tells about the policy for the tabulation of marks for class 10 board exams 2021 based on the internal assessments conducted by the school.

Earlier CBSE has canceled board exams for class 10 through the notification dated 14.04.2021 and mentioned that the class 10 board result will be prepared on the basis of an objective criterion to be developed by the board.

Objective of Policy

The objective of the policy for cbse class 10th result 2021 are:

  1. Developing unbiased and transparent record based realistic evaluation
  2. Based on four key principles of Evaluation
    • reliability
    • fairness
    • flexibility
    • validity
  3. The evaluation process clearly understood by all stakeholders

Procedure for assessments

  • As per the policy of CBSE board exam assessment 80 + 20 = 100 marks for each subject will be awarded. Out of this 20 marks of Internal Assessment and 80 marks of Board examinations.
  • The internal assessment of 20 marks already done by schools and the majority of schools have uploaded it on the CBSE portal.
  • Now due to the cancellation of the board exam of 80 marks, the board has decided the following:
    • These marks are based on the exam/tests conducted by the schools throughout the year
    • The marks should be in consonance with past performance of the school in class 10 board examinations

Category of exams and Maximum Marks

The category of exams/test and maximum marks to be considered for cbse class 10th result 2021 are as following:

Category of Test/ExamMaximum Marks
Periodic Test/Unit Test:10 Marks
Half-Yearly/Mid-Term Exam:30 Marks
Pre-Board Examinations:40 Marks
Total:80 Marks

If the school has conducted more than one exam/test, the resulting committee will calculate the weightage of the marks for each subject either to overall maximum marks or take an average of three exams or take the best performance in three tests or give a weightage to each exam as considered suitable.

If the school has not conducted any online/offline exams or students did not appear in exams, in this case, the Result Committee will prepare the result based on analysis and study of the situation prevailing in the school and thereafter draw up a criterion for the assessment of 80 marks.

Download Format

Follow this link to download the format:

Download CBSE result calculation for Class 10 2021

Some key points

  1. The candidate did not appeared in any school exam/test, the school may conduct an offline/online or a telephonic one to one assessment and record to be maintained as evidence.
  2. Candidate having benchmark disabilities and not appeared in exams/tests conducted by school may consider other activities like portfolio, presentations, quiz, oral test etc.
  3. In the case, a student is having more than 5 subjects, marks of the 3 best subjects out of maximum allotted marks after conversion may be awarded in these subjects.
  4. CBSE compute the result based on uploaded internal and theory assessment marks. At the time of computation, board’s policy of awarding marks will also be applied to those candidates who do not meet the qualifying criterion.
  5. After application of grace marks, if any student is not able to meet the qualifying criterion, he/she will be placed in “Essential Repeat ” or “Compartment” category.
  6. The students who opted Mathematics Basic (241), exemption has again been extended to permit Mathematics (01) in Class XI, other condition stipulated as per the notification 06.08.2020.
  7. As per the scheme of studies of the board, students are allowed to offer any combination of subjects without any streaming.

Schedule for cbse class 10th result 2021

time schedule for cbse class 10th result 2021

Follow the below given link for official notification.

CBSE Official Notification

I hope this article will help you for understanding the procedures. Thank you for reading this article cbse class 10th result 2021.

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