Important Questions Mail Merge in OO Writer Class 10

Mail Merge in OO Writer Class 10 or Implement mail merge is the final learning outcome digital documentation advanced CBSE IT 402 class 10. In this article, we are going to discuss some important questions and answers from the Mail Merge in OO Writer Class 10. So let’s start!

Important QnA Mail Merge in OO Writer Class 10

If you missed the article, I have covered step by step guide on implement mail merge. Let us start the article Important QnA Mail Merge in OO Writer Class 10 with very short answer questions which can come in 1 marks. So here we go!

Very short answer questions (1 Mark)

1. The mail merge wizard is available under ____________ menu.
2. You cannot modify your document contents once the mail merge wizard has been started. (True/False)
3. You can use __________ or ___________ type of document in mail merge.
4. Which button is used to create a new address list in the mail merge wizard in the step insert address block?
    a) Create Data Source        b) Select address List        c) More                       d) None of these
5. Which of the following button is used to delete unwanted fields from the address list?
    a) New            b) Delete     c) Customize & then Delete             d) find
6. The ___________ option is used to create individual merged document . (Save as Single Document, Save as Individual documents)
7. The ____________ option allows to select range to merge documents. (From __ to ____,  Save as single document)
8. The mail merge wizard has total __________ number os steps to complete the process.
9. Which of the following is the last step of the mail merge wizard?
    a) Select the document                                 b) Edit the document
    c) Personalize document                              d) Save, Print or send
10. The _______________ step of mail merge wizard allows to modify in the document.
    a) Select a document type        b) Create Salutation            c) Adjust layout               d) Edit Document

In the next section of important qna Mail Merge in OO Writer Class 10, you will find the answers to the above questions.


1. Tools
2. False
3. Letter, Email
4. b) Select address List
5. c) Customize and then Delete
6. Save as Individual Documents
7. From _____ to _________
8. 8
9. d) Save, print or send
10. d) Edit document
In the next section of important QnA Mail Merge in OO Writer Class 10, you will find short answer questions.

Short Answer Questions (2 Marks)

Q – 1 What is the mail merge? (Write the first paragraph only)
Q – 2 What are the options available in the step select starting document?
Ans.: There are 5 options available in the steps to select the starting document.
    1. Use the current document
    2. Create a new document
    3. Start from an existing document
    4. Start from template
    5. Start from recently saved starting document

Q – 3 What are the sub-steps involved in the insert block address step?


    1. Select or create an address list
    2. Select the address block
    3. Match the fields
    4. Preview of exact record match
Q – 4 Write steps to delete unwanted fields from the address list.
Ans.: Follow the below-given steps to delete unwanted fields from the address list.
    1. When you get the customize button click on the customize button.
    2. Now you will get the list of fields. Select a field that is not required.
    3. Click on the delete button.
    4. Click on the OK button when you finished.

Q – 5 How to add a new field in the address list?

Ans.: To add a new field follow these steps:
    1. Click on customize button when you get that button.
    2. Click on the add button.
    3. Type the field name in the Element Name box.
    4. Click on the Add button.
    5. Click on the OK button from Customize address list dialog box.

In the next section of Mail Merge in OO Writer Class 10, you will get long answer questions.

Long Answer questions (4 Marks)

Q – 1 Write the steps involved in the mail merge wizard.
Ans.: The mail merge wizard in OO writer has the following steps:
  1. Select starting document
  2. Select document type
  3. Insert address block
  4. Create salutation
  5. Adjust Layout
  6. Edit Document
  7. Personalize document
  8. Save, Print or send
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