Comprehensive notes on Relate Applications of AI in Daily Life

In this article, you will read about Relate Applications of AI in Daily Life for class 9 Artificial Intelligence. So here we go!

Relate Applications of AI in Daily Life

As you learnt about smart home in previous chapter. You will learn about application of AI in daily life. In this chapter relate – applications of AI, we will cover the introduction to smart cities. I recommend to watch few YouTube videos to understand a little bit about smart cities: 

Watch these three videos to understand: Relate Applications of AI in Daily Life

Relate Applications of AI in Daily Life , we will start with the smart cities.

Introduction Smart Cities

There is no standard definition is found for a smart city yet. Because it depends on a few factors. These factors are:

  1. Country: If we talk about countries then there is a huge difference between the two countries in the adaptation and implementation of technology. 
  2. City: Cities of one country have a great difference in term technological development. 
  3. Level of development: The level of development of cities based on their administration, city residents and government. 
  4. Willingness to change and reform: This is also one important factor because technological evolution bring changes in many things. Because technology requires its latest equipment and component to which it is compatible. Some AI systems may not work on a few devices. So first we need to update that one. So change and reform is necessary.  
  5. Resources and aspirations of city residents: A city is made up of resources and aspirations of city residents. A city can be defined by the people living in the city. 

Smart city refers to the city that use AI along with other digital and ICT based components to make life of inhabitants better and more comfortable.

In smart cities smart homes can connect with each other to provide number benefits. Following are few benefits provided by smart cities:

  1. Providing door step services 
  2. Communicate with each other
  3. It has few censors 
  4. It can provide data and use data to analyse different aspects of citizens

Now in the next section of Relate Applications of AI in Daily Life , we will discuss smart buildings.

Smart building data connect to smart cities

Smart building data work on many areas, few of them are as following:

  1. Electricity: In terms of electricity uses, smart building records the need and use of electricity in homes. They can reduce and save electricity as per the behaviour of family members. It can regulate power generations supply by helping power companies. 
  2. Maintenance: The smart building data helps to provide better maintenance services and replacement. 
  3. Health: It can also help to provide data of sick people from the building. Doctors can also provide monitoring to patients at their doorsteps. 

After smart buildings lets discuss about smart citizens for Relate Applications of AI in Daily Life.

Smart citizens

Smart cities required smart citizens or may converted them into smart. Smart cities help government to attain the sustainable development goals. It can reduce the wastage, save water, work on data of poverty line etc. 

Smart citizens lives life smartly called smart living. Smart living is the next topic of Relate Applications of AI in Daily Life.

Smart Living

Smart living refers to using AI enabled technologies into daily life. It involves gadgets which are using such sensors and alerts to deal with environmental conditions. Closing and opening the doors, windows etc., Maintaining room temperature etc. 

In such critical situation like fire or gas leak or any other emergencies it can help by generating alerts. 

Smart buildings can also generate danger alerts and warning systems in disasters. It also helps to the government in disaster management. 

It provides information alerts to the people at different level. 

Now try to understand the concept Relate Applications of AI in Daily Life by playing the below given games.

Playing the game

Game 1: Semantris (Based on data)

  1. This games is based on machine learning and data. 
  2. It recognize the associated words. 
  3. It provides millions of word associations.
  4. It highlights the limitations that data can create.
  5. It only guess the word association for which its trained.


  1. A laptop or desktop computer
  2. An internet 

The game can be played in two forms:

  1. Arcade: In this mode game user need to think and type the word fast. User need to type the clue that comes in mind while thinking about the word in blue. The typed word will come in sorted form at bottom. Player will get points for clearing the word and for words that fall below the line. Game ends when word reaches the top of the screen.
  2. Blocks: In block mode player have time to think and entering the clues. A player can a clue of any word displayed on screen. The AI system compares the clue with words on the screen and tires to guess the word that the player wants to remove. AI will remove that word and all blocks with same color.

Play the game now

The next game is based on NLP for Relate Applications of AI in Daily Life.

Game 2: LUIS (Based on NLP)

  1. It is a game based on NLP in smart homes.
  2. The AI LUIS is trained to control lighting in the house. 


  1. Any computing device
  2. An internet
  3. Microphone (Optional) 

This game is based on Microsoft Cognitive Service Language Understanding. LUIS tries to interprets the command and act accordingly. It is also limited and extended as its trained. You have three options: 

  1. You can speak the command using microphone
  2. You can type the command
  3. You can select from the preset commands

Make list of commands which it understands and which is not understand. 

Play the game

Game 3: Microsoft Computer Vision

It is somewhat related to how google use the technology for conducting image searches. 


  1. Any computing device
  2. An internet

Play the game

Game 4: Semiconductor


  1. Any mobile with camera and speakers
  2. An internet

Play the game

So here I conclude my article Relate Applications of AI in Daily Life. I hope it is helpful to you. Hit the like button if you enjoyed this article. Relate Applications of AI in Daily Life. Thank you for reading this post. If you have any doubt, fill free to ask me any question in the comment section. 

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