Pixel It activity for AI Class 9 – Easy guide

Pixel It activity for AI Class 9 – Easy guide provides you detailed guideline about Modelling activity given in your syllabus.

Pixel It activity for AI Class 9

This guide is given for a class 40 students with group of 4 students. The material required for Pixel It activity for AI Class 9 as given below:

Pixel It Activity Sheet (given in Student Handbook)40


The main purpose of this activity is to understand how the computer classifies the images as well as how a computer reads them. The graphics or images created in computers are pixel-based images. As we have discussed earlier 1 pixel means 1 dot. So in this activity, you will understand how the images will be processed, classified and how computers see them. This is one of machine learning approach used in CV(Computer Vision) applications.

In modelling, we have seen that there are two basic approaches:

  1. Rule Based
  2. Learning Based

Rule bases approach we have covered, now this activity we are performing to understand the learning based approach for modelling.

Follow this steps:

Cut the page or draw 6 x 6 matrix square boxes on the sheet

Write an upper case alphabet on the matrix with the equal height of the matrix. It should cover all the boxes starting from top to bottom.

Pixel It activity for AI Class 9
Pixel It activity for AI Class 9

Now apply colour to the boxes on which lines of that alphabet have fallen.

colour the boxes
colour the boxes

Now cut the horizontal stripes of the matrix in this manner like 1-2,2-3,3-4,4-5,5-6 and 6-7.

cut the horizontal stripes
cut the horizontal stripes

Now, paste all these stripes together to form a single paper string. Make sure that the last block should neither be over the first block of the next line nor should there be any gap in between the first and the last blocks.

Paste all strips together
Paste all strips together

Find those students in your class who have chosen the same alphabet as you. Put their strings under your string and do the addition of all the coloured blocks to get a series of numbers. Blocks without colour count as 0 while the coloured ones count as 1. If a column has 3 coloured boxes, the summation turns out to be 3.

count boxes
count boxes

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Learning outcome

Note down the points you learnt from this activity and submit.

This activity clarifies that:

  • The images saved in the computer are divided into the pixels.
  • Machine learning also uses the same approach for its applications.
  • The computer analyses each pixel, whenever any comparison required it compares these pixels. If pixels are identical, this means that the images are the same.

By the above activity, we have created an intelligent model to identify the alphabet is same or not. We have divided the alphabet into 36 blocks and processed it. Trained the model to process the same alphabet but different handwritings. Now when we testes it, the model would see if the coloured blocks are aligned or not. If the majority of the blocks are aligned altogether, there exists a maximum
probability that the alphabet is the same. Otherwise, the alphabet is different.

So here we conclude Pixel It activity for AI Class 9. I hope you enjoyed this activity and learnt how the images are processed in the model. Hit the like button if you enjoyed this activity.

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