Comprehensive notes on Unit 1 Introduction to AI Class 9

This article provides you comprehensive notes on Unit 1 Introduction to AI Class 9. This unit has following sub units:

  1. Excite
  2. Relate
  3. Purpose
  4. Possibilities
  5. AI Ethics

Unit 1 Introduction to AI class 9


  • To identify and appreciate Artificial Intelligence and Describe its applications in daily life

Unit 1 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence | Assignments

  • To relate, apply and reflect on Human-Machine Interactions
  • Recommended activity: The AI Game
    • Game 1: Rock, Paper, scissors (Based on Data)
    • Game 2: Mystery Animal (Based on Natural Language Processing – NLP)
    • Game 3: Emoji Scavenger Hunt (Based on Computer Vission – CV)

The AI Game

AI Domains

Practical Activities – I

  • Dream Smart Home Idea
  • The AI Games learning report
  • AI Quiz
  • Write a letter to one’s future self

Read more about practical activities


  • Relate to the application of Artificial Intelligence
  • Imagination towards smart homes and build an interactive story
  • Relate, apply and reflect on the human-machine interactions

Applications of AI in Daily Life

The code combat

  • How to start with Code Combat?
  • How to sign up using class code?
  • How to start the game?
  • How to play the game?

How to work with code combat

The Activity on AI Domain – Google Teachable Machine

  • Introduction to Google Teachable Machine 2.0
  • How to start the project?
  • Demo on Image Project
  • Train the model
  • Save the project
  • Export the model

Activity – Google Teachable Machine

Purpose – Introduction to AI Class 9

  • Understand the impact of AI on Sustainable Development Goals to develop responsible citizenships

Introduction and Impacts of AI Sustainable Development Goals


  • Research and Develop awareness of skills required for jobs of the future
  • Imagine, examine and reflect on the skills required for the futuristic opportunities
  • Develop effective communications and collaborative work skills

The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence

AI Ethics

  • Understand and reflect on the ethical issues around AI
  • Gain awareness around AI bias and AI access

AI Ethics

In this article you got all the topics for Unit 1 Introduction to AI Class 9.

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