Comprehensive notes introduction to AI project cycle Class 9

In this article we will discuss introduction to AI project cycle Class 9. Now you are familiar with Introduction to Artificial Intelligence concepts and its applications. If you missed any of these article, retake a view on these links:

AI project cycle Class 9

The unit 2 of Artificial Intelligence subject of CBSE is AI project cycle class 9. This unit has following sub units:

  1. Problem Scoping
  2. Data Acquisition
  3. Data Exploration
  4. Modelling

Problem Scoping

This sub unit focuses on AI project cycle framework. In this unit students are able to identify the AI project cycle frame work with basics of problem scoping, data acquisition, data exploration and modelling.

This sub unit covers learning about problem scoping and ways to set goals or an AI project.

Identify the stakeholders involved in the problem scoped. Discussion on brainstorm on the ethical issues involved around the problem.

Understanding the iterative nature of problem scoping for AI project cycle. The kind of data and analysis required and to be done to solve the problem.

Data Acquisition

In this subunit, identification of data requirements as well as searching reliable sources to obtain relevant data will be disucssed.

Data Exploration

In this sub-unit, you will understand the purpose of data visualization and use various types of graphs to visualize acquired data.


In this sub-unit of Unit 2 AI project cycle class 9, you will understand, create, and implement the concept of decision trees.

How to create decision tree?

Pixel it – Activity

That’s all from Unit 2 AI project cycle class 9, enjoy detailed posts by using those links.

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