Code Combat for AI Class 9

In this article, we will discuss the Introduction to Code Combat for AI class 9. So let’s start!

Introduction to Code Combat for AI Class 9

Dear Students, as now you are aware that AI is using programming languages. So it is very difficult to say which programming language AI is favouring but now Python is one of them and CBSE is also given an introductory part in class 9 syllabus. So today we will discuss Code Combat. So get ready and learn new concepts.
Follow the below-given links for python notes:

So let’s start the article introduction to Code Combat for AI Class 9 with the questions what is code combat?

What is Code Combat?

Code Combat is an online or web-based program that allows us to interprets python code with the fun of gaming designing and development. By using this code you develop your games and play different games. So it adds excitement towards learning new skills.

How to start?

After understanding what is code combat now lets know how to start with Code Combat for AI Class 9.

You need an internet connection and a good browser program to start with it. So let’s go to your computer system and open a browser and follow these steps:

Sign up or Create an account:

  1. Click on this link to open: you will get this screen.
    Sign up with Code Combat
  2. Click on I’m a Student option.
  3. Now it will ask class code. (The class code will be provided by your teacher, you request him/her for the same). Either you can create an individual account to by choosing the option “Create an Individual account instead.”
    Code Combat Create account
  4. Now it will ask for Date of birth. Select Month, Day, Year then click on the continue button.
  5. Type email address, User Name, and Password or click on sign with google account or Facebook.
  6. Click on Create Account button.

Creating an account with google account

Follow similar steps up to step 5. Then select Google account. In the next step, it will provide one message that code combat is linked with your Google account. Now type the username and finish the process. Then start playing.

Now get familiar with login for playing the game Code Combat for AI Class 9.

Login for Playing

Now you are ready to play. Just login and start:
  1. Click on this link to open: and click on the Play button.
  2. It will ask your username and password.
    Login screen Code combat
  3. Enter username and password or choose Connect with Facebook or Sign in with Google option.

Now understand how to start the game Code Combat for AI Class 9.

Start the game

Now you will get a screen Kithgard Dungeon. Click on the play button there are 42 levels. For python basic learning part.

Now you will get a screen to start your Level. 


Now click on the place where the yellow icon is displayed and new pop up will come out with the Play button, click on the Play button.


Select a hero and equip

  1. Now choose your hero screen will come, select any character from the screen.
  2. Click on the Next button.
  3. Select the equipment for your hero. Double click on the equip button.
  4. Now click on Play Button. It will open the start level screen. Click on the start Level button.

The next section talks about a few methods used while playing the game code combat in Code Combat for AI Class 9.

Write methods and move you’re here

There are four methods to move your hero
  1. hero.moveRight()
  2. hero.moveLeft()
  3. hero.moveUp()
  4. hero.moveDown()

Run the methods

Follow the instructions and use the above methods to move your hero as per the screen guide. Write the method and click on the run button. Now enjoy the game and learn how to write methods. Write all the movements as per screen guide and then Run.



Continue to the next level

  1. When you finished the level, it will add XP and diamonds, continue the game, and complete all the levels.
I hope you like this activity, so enjoy it and share this post. Feel free to ask any doubt in comment section.

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