Download PDF Comprehensive notes on AI Domains for Class 9

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AI Domains for Class 9

In this topic AI domain for class 9, first, we will discuss human and machine interactions. 

Human-Machines interactions

Human-machine interactions refer to the contact between humans and machines to fulfil a specific task or operation. As we know about computers while working with computers human-machine interaction takes place. In human-machine interactions, hardware and software play a vital role in communication. The machine itself considered as hardware and the interface should be user friendly. It will be built upon tangible and attentive user interface principles. Data can be accessed through software and stored on storage devices.

In AI human-machine interactions done through the following domains:

  1. Data
  2. Computer Vision (CV)
  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
AI domains for Class 9
AI domains for Class 9

So in the next section of AI Domains for Class 9, we will discuss the first domain of AI i.e. Data.


If a person thinks of automate any system or want a report or analysis of customers’ feedback, data is required.

For example: Taking student’s daily attendance we need data of students like class, roll number, student name, etc.

Data can be the backbone of AI. Almost 98% of AI systems are dependent on data. As system development grows processing of data also increases.

This data can be in any form textual information, audio, video, big data like predictions, insights, forecasts, decision making, etc.

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In the next section of AI domains for class 9, you will be familiar with Computer Vision. 

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Computer Vision (CV)

It is a field of science that deals with how computers gain a high level of understanding from digital images or videos. It is a flown that studies how the human visual system works.
The computer vision includes the following methods to produce information:

  1. Acquiring Images
  2. Processing Images
  3. Analyzing Images
  4. Understanding Images

It is used in various areas, some of them are as follows:
Computer Vision is mainly used for Face recognition systems to recognize the faces in images and videos. The application areas like google photos, spam chat, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Content-Based Image Retrieval systems identify images based on image properties like composition, colour, texture etc. The application areas are search engines like google & bing, used in different CT scans and MRIs in hospitals, etc.

Computer Vision also helpful in smart interactions to supply input to computers. It is mainly used in games, systems designed for differently-abled individuals, etc.

Computer vision also helps in Environment Perception such as analyzing videos, images, or video feeds for identifying patterns and perceiving the environment. Application areas are Home security systems, Office security systems, Drone-based surveillance systems etc.

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The next section of AI Domains for Class 9 will focus on Natural Language Processing. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The programming languages work on their own principles, syntax, and keywords. The aim of NLP is developing such systems that work on human natural language on oral as well-spoken language.

It has two main components:

  1. Natural Language Understanding (NLU): It is used for spoken or written language to provide a link between natural language inputs and what they present. It analyzes different aspects of language.
  2. Natural Language Generation (NLG): It helps to produce meaningful phrases and sentences along with Text planning, Sentence Planning, and Text realization.

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