Comprehensive notes Problem Scoping in AI Class 9

In this article, you will get Comprehensive notes on Problem Scoping in AI Class 9. Computer Science has many branches and Artificial Intelligence is also one of them. Mainly the field of Computer Science focuses on Problem Solving. This problem solving has a specific cycle. So AI is also following the AI project cycle.

Introduction to Problem Scoping in AI Class 9

In AI project cycle frame work there are certain stages. These stages are:

  1. Problem Scoping
  2. Data Acquisition
  3. Data Modelling
  4. Evaluation and Development

Problem Scoping is the first stage of the AI project cycle. In this stage of AI development, problems will be identified. It is then followed by designing, developing, or building, and finally testing the project.

In AI project cycle everything will be failed if problem scoping is failed or without appropriate problem scoping. Incorrect problem scoping also leads to failure of the project as well.

What is Problem Scoping?

Whenever we are starting any work, certain problems always associated with the work or process. Actually we are surrounded by problems! These problems can be small or big, sometimes we ignore them, sometimes we need an urgent solution otherwise your work will suffer.

The problem scoping refers to the identification of a problem and the vision to solve it.

In the next section we will discuss the 4Ws of problem scoping in ai class 9.

The 4Ws of Problem Scoping

The 4Ws are very helpful in problem scoping. They are:

  1. Who? – Refers that who is facing a problem and who are the stakeholders of the problem
  2. What? – Refers to what is the problem and how you know about the problem
  3. Where? – It is related to the context or situation or location of the problem
  4. Why? – Refers to why we need to solve the problem and what are the benefits to the stakeholders after solving the problem

The final outcome of problem scoping in ai class 9 is the problem statement template.

The problem statement template

When the above 4Ws are completely filled you need to prepare a summary of these 4Ws. This summary is known as the problem statement template. This template explains all the key points in a single template. So if the same problem arises in the future this statement helps to resolve it easily.

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In the next section of problem scoping in ai class 9, we are going to discuss an activity given in the syllabus.

Activity – Brainstorm around the theme and set a goal for the AI project

In this activity you need to select a theme for problem scoping.

Select the Theme

In CBSE Study Material they have given the following themes for problem scoping:

Themes for problem scoping in ai class 9 activity
Reference CBSE Study Material

Students can select any of these or they can choose their own as well.

Now answer the following questions:

  1. Why you have selected the theme?

For Example,

  1. The environment is your theme. So think about the various problems such as polluted air, water, and land, etc.
  2. Suppose you have selected an Agriculture theme, then there are various pesticides used in agriculture to increase the productions, sowing and harvesting problems, etc.
  3. Traffic is also one of the themes given in the handbook. Here you can think about traffic issues and to reduce the accidents or any other related problem.

Similarly you can take any theme and think about the various problems of that theme.

Place the problems into a problem statement template

As per the handbook they have given a sun and fill the rays with the problems found in your theme.

Now list down the problems and topic for your theme.

Set up the goal

After understanding and writing the problems, set your goals, and make them your AI project target. Write your goals for your selected theme.

Suppose you have selected theme of agriculture then write how AI will help farmers to solve their problems.

  1. Determine what will a good time for seeding?
  2. Determine what will be a good time for harvesting?
  3. Determine when and how much fertilizer will be applied to the selected crop?

These goals can be more!

Now think and apply the 4Ws strategy for each problem or goal.

Your final problem statement will look likes the following table:

Farmers, Fertilizer Producers, Labours, Tractor Companies
WhatThe problem, Issue, Need
Determine what will a good time for seeding or crop harvesting?
Decide the mature age for the crop and determine its time
Ideal SolutionBenefits
Take the crop on time and supply against market demand on time

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Watch this video lesson for more understanding:

So here we completed our topic of problem scoping in ai class 9, let us know your views/suggestions/feedback in the comment section.

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