The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in various fields

The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in various fields increasing day by day. If we compare our today’s life with a few years ago then we can understand one thing i.e. Life has changed a lot nowadays. We have so many systems, devices, a technology that serve something which is according to our need and behavior. 

Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence

As we think about possibilities of artificial intelligence, we can think it can influence 90% of fields with numerous opportunities. As the use of technology increases the demand of talented and trained people also increased rapidly in recent years.

So at one side people are loosing job, simultaneously AI is creating opportunities to trained people at the other end. AI related jobs are increasing day by day. These jobs needs good knowledge of Maths, Science, Computers, IT and Technology.

The graduate’s degree holders can get a job at entry-level and then can go ahead. The advanced level jobs based research and data modeling require higher educational credentials for taking a job.

Skills required for jobs of the future (possibilities of Artificial Intelligence)

  1. Communication skills: This is an essential skill for every job. Communication helps a person in many ways.
  2. Knowledge of Basic Maths and Science: A person must have good knowledge of basic maths and science principles to understand and work with AI.
  3. Applied mathematics: Many systems and AI tools using applied mathematics concepts. Some AI research also requires applied mathematics principles.
  4. English speaking and Listening: As dealing with technology and other concerns the English language will be an added advantage for future high paying jobs.
  5. Techno Savvy: Techno savvy refers to the knowledge of basic computers and online communication medium which is very essential in today’s scenarios too.
  6. Machine Learning: It essential for future jobs related to AI. A person who deals with AI that also deals with Machine Learning projects.
  7. Data Science: As you are familiar with the domain of AI, Data is playing a key role in jobs related to AI.
  8. Programming Languages: Programming languages like python, R, Go, etc. are part of AI tools and technology. So it is also a mandatory part for job seekers.
  9. Data Analysis: Many big companies have a job role as a Data Analyst who is responsible for data analysis. Data analysis help in taking the right decision.
  10. AI research: It is advanced skill for job for future development and implementation of AI as well current growth.

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Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence technology in Health


It is developed in China that uses Artificial Intelligence in medical services. It is using deep learning and computer vision. Recently, it was used in China for fighting against COVID-19. In China, it generates about 1.5 billion CT scans per year only for lung cancer. It detects cancer accurately and efficiently and helps radiologists. Read more about how Infervision helped china against COVID-19?

Read more about infervision from their official website


DeepMind is created by Google influenced by Neuroscience. It is designed to copy the human brain’s behaviour. In past, it defeated many human players in different games. Now Google is expanding this system to the healthcare sector to reduce the time required for planning treatments and diagnose the sickness. Read more…

Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence technology by Google

Google Fishing watch

This can be used by law agencies to prevent illegal fishing. It is also product of google that uses cloud computing, machine learning and geo-mapping using AI and Sattelite to predict the for vessels at sea. It identifies the instances of illegal fishing.

Google Brain

It was started in 2011 and used for image recognition at initial stage. As time goes, now it used for many purposes as following:

  1. Image Enhancement
  2. Natural Language Processing
  3. Youtube video recommendations

Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence technology for customer experience


It is a mall and retailer like D-mart which is serving through its offline stores as well as online stores. It is using AI technology for improving its customer experience for in-store and online. It uses AI with IoT with Scan and Go, Pick up towers. It is also experimenting with facial recognition technology to measure a customer’s mood is happy or sad inside the store.

Hello Barbie

My daughters are playing a few games on mobile and watching videos on youtube related to Barbie dolls. In the market, dolls are also available which can talk with human beings. These toys use AI concepts like Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Advanced Analytics. These toys having a microphone that records the voice of the child and selects the dialog from the server and gives the response.

Talking with machines

It is one audio drama created by BBC. It allows listeners to have a conversation with machines and allows listeners to answer the questions. By these questions and add to something to the story. It works with google Echo and Google Home.

Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence technology for vehicles


Volvo is a car company, use AI for car servicing and replacement of different components. It collects data of vehicles and improve in stressful situations and increasing the driver and passenger experience. It also used these data for research and development.


30 million raw parts handled by BMW’s logistic team daily, shipped from 4500 suppliers around 31 different countries. BMW uses AI to perform some tasks and handle the manufacturing of cars for quality control. In 2019 BMW released on OpenSource algorithm so by that software developers can review, edit and improve the source code for quality control. Even AI helps to make some decisions from car manufacturing to sales and sales-servicing. BMW has set target that they will manufacture a self-driving car without any human interventions by 2021.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson facilitates enterprise-based services, apps, and tools for developing and managing products or apps or various corporate services. It is using many services like IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure, Google, or your own private cloud platform. Click here to read more….

John Deer

John Deere tractors are popular in our country. It provides farm vehicles that use GPS and AI technology named FramSight for automatic ploughing and sowing the farms. This company uses AI technology in Agriculture. It checks the availability of pest on the crop and report any pesticides needs to be applied or not.

Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence technology for Media

RADAR (Reporters and Data Robots)

It is popularly used as RADAR AI. It is a service which collects data fro various sources like government, local authorities, and public services and release news. It writes around 30K stories monthly and using Natural Language Technology to write them.


Netflix using AI for predictions of watch of their customers. Then this data will be provided to content providers and content creators. Based on AI recommendations new contents will be created and this way AI helps netflix to commit new seasons on the new shows.


Cortana is a product Microsoft. If you have windows 10 installed then you might have used it or you might have seen it. It is a virtual assistant performs various roles. For example – it can be work as chatbot on skype, display news, weather travels etc.

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