Artificial Intelligence Class 9 Unit 1 Introduction to AI Activities for Practical File

In this article, you will find Artificial Intelligence class 9 Unit 1 Introduction to AI Activities for the practical file. Refer this handbook from the given link of CBSE website: AI Handbook

Activity 1 – Introduction to AI

Take one A4 sheet. How do you think Artificial Intelligence can help you as you go about your daily life? Prepare one mind map chart and Write your ideas.

Materials required: A4 size chart sheet and sketch pens

Take photo and Submit the picture via email.

Activity 2 – Dream Smart Home

A home is a dream of every human. Imagine and prepare a rough layout of your dream smart home. This home contains automated roofs, walls, surfaces, windows, doors, etc. You can add whatever facility you need like a swimming pool, gym, drawing room, bedroom, kitchen, study room, hobby room, indoor-outdoor garden , etc. It includes the following:

  1. Smart Lights: Can be switched on/off, dim, or glow according to your behavior and requirements.
  2. Smart vacuum cleaners: Can be clean the home smartly without any intervention.
  3. Smart locks: For security purposes.
  4. Smart Remote Controls: Remote controls for appliances like AC, Gyser etc. which set temperature automatically.

Click the photo of chart and send via email.

Activity 3 – Games

Games are very important part of our life. Some Games are useful for our mental development as well as physical development as well as for entertainment. Every game has its own rules. Follow the given links and play the games:

  1. Rock, Paper Scissors
  2. Mystery Animal
  3. Emoji Scavenger Hunt (Optional because it requires camera)

Click here to know how to play all 3 games

Write answers of the questions:

  1. In game 1, How the machine reacts
    1. When you make moves in a specific pattern
    2. make moves randomly
    3. What do you learn from this game?
  2. In game 2, find our the basic characteristics of animals by asking questions like for a fish can you swim? can you live outside water? etc. What did you understand from this game?
  3. In game 3, draw your own emoji on the paper and show it to the machine. What problems did you face while playing this game? Can you resolve them? How?

Write answers in your notebook and send the pictures via email.

Activity 4 – Reflect and Analyse

Take three different color strands and work them into a braid. See how long your braid can
become within 30 seconds!!

Material required: Three different colored strand of thread 50 cm each.

Write answers of these questions:

  1. How you can relate it with 3 domains of AI?
  2. When you are making a braid what you learn – how it works?

Submit: The photo of your braid with answers through email.

Watch this video for more understanding.

Activity 5 – Quiz

The link will be sent to you in your class whatsapp group.

Activity 6 – Write a letter/email to future self

Write one letter or email to your future what you want see in the future or what you want remind to your future. Just imagine about the next 10 years and what you are thinking about your future (relate with AI). The following points can be included in letter/email:

  1. Start with your interests, hobbies, and skills
  2. Now relate how AI can help you
  3. Write about your future job or career you want to pursue and how AI will make an impact on that

If you wrote a letter take picture and send via email or send email directly.

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