AI ethics Class 9 Comprehensive notes

AI ethics class 9 comprehensive notes emphasize on AI ethics. Read notes and enjoy new learning, booyah!

Introduction to AI ethics Class 9

As we are human beings and we are following some moral principles for doing certain activities as well as to make our life comfortable with good manners and behavior.

These concerns and principles related to good manners, good behavior is known as ethics.

Similarly certain ethics are also associated with AI systems and tools. These ethics are known as AI ethics. So finally AI ethics can be defined as following:

AI ethics refers to the basic principles of AI system design that use the good code of conduct and produces the results.

In other words ethics means what is right and unethical means what is wrong.

Here are the key components of the chapter AI ethics class 9.

AI ethics are classified into two categories:

  1. AI bias
  2. AI access

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Ethical concerns related to AI access

If you are developing a system or a new technology, you may face some ethical issues related to that system or new technology. Similarly AI systems also facing these ethical concerns. In this section of AI ethics class 9, we will discuss these ethical concerns.

When AI is coming to your way, you need to think about data management. This is the first concern because AI is mostly rely on data. The AI system is nothing without data.

Whenever you think about data you should think about their storage, collection, privacy and many more concerns.

Now a days internet has the entire world. We are using smartphones and internet. Daily we are accessing lots apps and websites. Can you answer these questions:

When you install any app on your mobile what type of permissions the app is asking for?

So the answers is as following:

  1. Contacts
  2. Location
  3. Email
  4. Storage
  5. Notes

and specific apps may ask specific permission to allow.

AI ethics Class 9 Comprehensive notes
Data management AI ethics class 9

These all data Google is using for the exchange of the details whenever such apps are used in your mobile. Sometimes it improves user experience as well. You will get the information from your app as per your previous transactions and actions on the app.

In next section of AI ethics class 9 we will discuss two main categories of AI ethics.

AI Bias – AI ethics class 9

When you tap on allow button on your mobile or smart phone you are giving your details for simple access. That means whatever data you fed in that particular app is your identity according to the app you have used.

As you have seen that most of the robots or assistants are available in female voice only. This is because the computer system trained on the specific data and common observation for those kind of jobs.

But identification and understanding of such things are not an easy task. Sometimes the result produced by these systems are also not up to the mark. It happens in AI systems because sometimes the developer also cannot understand the behavior of these systems.

Many AI systems do exactly what they have designed for! They cannot take their decisions. They uses the provided data and training material. They never understand the data nor interprets them.


Components of a good AI Policy

Good policy refers to the concerns which should be in consumers’ favor. The following topics can be considered as good AI policy:

  1. Transparent System
  2. Right of data collection
  3. Freedom of leaving the system
  4. Design
  5. Data deletion

Transparent System

A transparent system refers to the guideline and system purposes should be very clear to its users. While collecting data the purpose and the detailed guide about what to be done with the data should be known to the users.

Right of data collection

When the data is collected by the AI system it must be right to the data which the system is collecting. Without the collection of data, it cannot take the right decision for the user.

Freedom of leaving system

The user must have the freedom to leave the system. After using such system if user want to leave the system, the freedom should be given to the users.


The system should be designed in such a manner that the data collection and purpose should be limited. This helps the users to stay and use the system in a good manner. The interface itself provides such controls to users.

Data Deletion

When the user leave the system his data should be deleted. Or sometimes user requests to delete their data it should be provided in the system itself.

In next section of AI ethics class 9 we will discuss another category of AI ethics.

AI access – AI ethics class 9

The AI access is a set of ethical concerns related to the adoption of AI systems. These concerns are as follows:

  1. Unemployment
  2. Inequalities
  3. Negative Adoptions
  4. Black Box problem


This is very the important topic of debate. Many says that AI adoption can increase the jobs and employment opportunities, many says that it reduces the employment and takes many jobs from human being and many says there is no effect of AI on employment.

Do a research on this topic on google.

Increasing Inequalities

By adopting AI, results in a reduction in the number of people required for particular jobs. It will definitely affect the economy and increase the gap in the economy hence increase inequalities.

Negative Adoptions

Negative adoptions are part of our life. The negative minded community like hackers, terrorists and some other mafias can use this technology for some other purposes and misuses them.

Black Box problem

The black box problem refers to the situation that is created by a system itself and the developer of system cannot resolve them. This happens quit often with AI systems.

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