Comprehensive notes Excite Artificial Intelligence Class 9

In this article, we will discuss Excite Artificial Intelligence Class 9. You will get more details and fun with 3 games uses Artificial Intelligence. So here we go!

Excite Artificial Intelligence Class 9

The continuous development in IT sector leads many revolutions in recent decades. Many tools are available in personalized manner in our hands such as smart phone, smart cards, smart vehicles, smart homes etc. 

Machines are developed rapidly to understand and work with human intelligence. As of now you may have seen that YouTube is showing videos according to your recent searches, Amazon is displaying brands of your choices, google assistant, Alexa and many more devices are result of these revolutions.

The Excite Artificial Intelligence Class 9 consists of some activities we will discuss later in this article.

Between 1940s and 1950s many scientists were encouraged to think of intelligent machines. They thought about those machines capable to perform the task which needs human intelligence. 

In 1956 at Dartmouth conference (was considered as ‘brainstorming session’), Sir John McCarthy an American Computer Scientist coined the work Artificial Intelligence for the first time.

In other words, Artificial Intelligence is concern with development of machines those are capable to perform the tasks which needs human intelligence. 

So this means that the involvement of artificial devices to capture the idea of human intelligence. Some of the tasks which human performs are very easy, easy, or hard.

Let’s have look on the following example u understand Excite Artificial Intelligence Class 9.

For Ex. Identifying electronic appliances and appliances running by other sources is easy for us but Solving a complex algorithm is not easy for all. Similarly, many tasks are there which are not easy for us but easy for computers. Sometimes what seems easy for us is actually difficult and the same way that seems difficult is actually quite easy. 

In this section, we will discuss the definition of AI for Excite Artificial Intelligence Class 9.

Definitions of AI


A definition characterizes AI as “a system’s ability to correctly interpret external data, to learn from such data, and to use those learnings to achieve specific goals and tasks through flexible adaptation”.

Artificial intelligence is the ability of the machines or computer programs to carry out tasks that require human beings to use their intelligence.

Simply these definitions focuses on these words broadly: Learning, Understanding and intelligence. 

Learning refers to learning from past set of activities and computer system will prepare results based on past data and improve them time to time by understanding the system’s behaviour and intelligence. 

Another thing is there some numbers we can compare very easily from two human beings but we cannot compare intelligence of two persons. 

The next section of Excite Artificial Intelligence Class 9 gives you a basic idea about applications of AI in our daily life that we had already discussed.

AI in our daily life

Click on below given link to read about AI in out daily life.

AI in our Daily Life

In Excite Artificial Intelligence Class 9, one ice breaker activity is discussed. So the next section we will do the same.

Ice breaker activity (Dream Smart Home idea)

Everyone is living in a dream house. A dream smart home idea is linked with a dream house. A home equipped with sensors, smart gadgets, neural networks, engineering, and Artificial Intelligence appliances and components.

This idea of a dream smart home leads to develop a home with comfort, reduce energy consumption, and enable technology-based household routine automation activity.

These homes provide better-quality entertainment, provide health assistants, smart gadgets can adjust room temperature according to the behavior of personals living in the home. They can also provide a smart way to switch on or off electronic appliances, open or close doors, and windows, smart curtains allow proper sunlight and ventilation. 

In the next section we will discuss recommended fun activities from Excite Artificial Intelligence Class 9.

Recommended activity – Excite Artificial Intelligence Class 9

There are three activities recommended which are based on different games. So these activities for Excite Artificial Intelligence Class 9 are as following:

AI used in games

The video games are made up of graphics and animated characters. The graphics are used to display background and develop different levels or stages of game. The animated characters movement plays a role in generating score or points. Some special effects or graphics are developed to score more points. AI is used to generate reactions and intelligent behavior of the characters. Each game has its own set of rules for winning and its own equipment. 

Game 1 Rock – Paper – Scissors

It is a game of hand movements. Rules are:

  1. Requires two or more players.
  2. Each player simultaneously forms one of the three shapes with an outstretched hand. These shapes have meanings as following:
    1. Flat hand → Paper
    1. Closed fist → Rock
    1. A fist  with index finger and middle finger like V → Scissor
  3. This game has only two results: i. Draw or ii. Win
  4. A player who decides too play a rock wins over the one who shows scissors (rock crushes scissors) but lose to one who plays a paper (Paper covers a rock). Scissors win over a paper (as Scissors cut paper). If both player shows same shape, the game is draw.
  5. The players usually count 1,2,3 or speak Rock, Paper, Scissor and swing it in front of another.
AI Game 1 Rock - Paper - Scissors
AI Game 1 Rock – Paper – Scissors

Play the Game: Click here and click on the Play the Game button. (Internet connection required)

Game 2 Mystery Animal

This game is based on Natural Language Processing (NLP). Rules of the game are:

  1. A microphone must required to connected to the computer.
  2. Ask question to computer that answer must “YES” or “NO”.
  3. The participant gets a chance to ask 20 questions to decide upon the name of animal.

Play the Game: Click here (Internet connection required and microphone required)

Game 3 Emoji Scavenger Hunt

  1. A camera is required any a webcam or smartphone camera.
  2. The player must have access to a few of objects used in everyday lives. 

Play the Game: Click here (Internet connection required, Use either mobile or laptop with webcam)

Suggested – Artificial Intelligence Class 9

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