AI Ethics Class 10 Question Answers

This article is focusing on Important QnA AI Ethics Class 10. Welcome to the new important QnA article. Ethics of artificial intelligence is the next topic of the CBSE Artificial Intelligence class 10 curriculum. So here we go!

AI Ethics Class 10 Question Answers

Let us start the article Important AI Ethics Class 10 Question Answers with ethics in artificial intelligence is mcq, true/false and fill in the blanks.

Objective Type Questions (OTQs)

  1. ____________ can be defined as the science of moral duty and ideal human behaviour that teaches what is right and what is wrong. (Ans. Ethics)
  2. ________ refers to the basic principles of AI system design that use the good code of conduct and produces the results. (Ans. AI Ethics)
  3. Which of the following can be a simple objective system that depends on human judgement?
    1. Logical Decision
    2. Logical Data
    3. Logical Input
    4. Logical Access
  4. Who is accountable for considering the system impact on the world?
    1. The system
    2. Only the developer
    3. Only the company
    4. Every person involved in the creation
  5. If a smart self-driving car met an accident with a person on the road, who is responsible morally?
    1. The car owner
    2. The person
    3. The developer
    4. All of these
  6. The major ethics concerns are
    1. issues, situations, choices
    2. decisions, speeches, actions
    3. feelings, thoughts, expressions
    4. All of these
  7. AI ethics is a blanket term used for dealing with all the ethical issues related to AI. (True/False)
  8. Which of the more important concern related to data?
    1. How does the AI work?
    2. How AI takes decisions?
    3. How AI collects data?
    4. How AI represents data?
  9. The world of AI revolves around ___________. (Ans. data)
  10. Which of the following is a major source of data for major companies?
    1. Our vehicles
    2. Our Home
    3. Our lifestyle
    4. Our smartphone
  11. If you do not allow the app certain permissions like storage, phone, camera or contacts, you normally cannot access the features of the app. (True, False)
  12. Which of the following information will be collected when you open the newly downloaded app on your mobile?
    1. Contact, Location, Camera, Storage
    2. Only contact and Camera
    3. Only Location and Storage
    4. Any of the above depends on the app
  13. The AI system only performs the tasks exactly what they made for. (True/False)
  14. AI systems are biased because they take decisions from the data and training material provided to them. (True/False)
  15. __________ refers to the guideline and system purposes should be very clear to its users. (Ans. Transparent System)
  16. The system should be designed in such a manner that the data collection and purpose should be unlimited. (True/False)
  17. Amazon used a system for recruitment, created a situation in which many eligible females were left out of the consideration. This is called _________.
    1. Misinterpretation of Data
    2. Problem of Inclusion
    3. Gender Bias
    4. Data Privacy
  18. Which of the following chatbot launched by Microsoft as an experimental Twitter chatbot?
    1. Twitterbot
    2. TwiChatBot
    3. Tay
    4. TwitterRobo
  19. An AI system must have a right to the data it collects. (True/False)
  20. The AI system cannot have any negative adoptions. (True/False)
  21. The situation that is created by a system itself and the developer of the system cannot resolve them is known as __________. (Ans. Black Box problem)

The next section of important AI Ethics Class 10 Question Answers consists of subjective type questions.

Subjective Type Questions (STQs)

In the first section of Subjective type questions for important AI Ethics Class 10 Question Answers, we will discuss questions based on understanding of AI ethics.

  1. What do you understand by Ethics?
    • The concerns related to good and ideal behaviour or manners, moral principles are known as ethics.
    • In other words, ethics refers to what is right and what is wrong then teaches for moral conduct.
  2. What are the moral issues related to self-driving cars?
    • Self-driving cars are totally under the control of AI.
    • For example, an animal is crossing your way suddenly hit by a self-driving car. The animal got hurt.
    • Who is responsible for this accident?
    • The following are some ethical concerns:
      • The developer of the car goes through all dilemmas while developing the car’s algorithm.
      • The morality of the developer gets transferred into the machine as what according to him/her is the right priority and hence would be the selection made by the machine.
      • Every person has their own perspective and he/she takes the decision according to their moralities.

The next section focus of AI bias for AI Ethics Class 10 Question Answers.

  1. What are the concerns related to the use of AI to control defense equipment?
    • AI controlled nuclear missiles capable of making independent decisions or AI-equipped armed military drones.
    • Another concern is human cost of adoption of AI technology.
  2. What do you understand by data privacy?
    • Data plays a vital role in AI systems. The existence of AI system is impossible without data.
    • The data management like storage, usage, collection and maintaining data is one of the important concern.
    • When user works on the system, user is sharing data. This data needs permission to access the data. This consent is known as data privacy.

The next section questions are focused on AI access for the AI Ethics Class 10 Question Answers.

  1. What are the permission asked by the app before using it?
    • The following permissions are required to be asked by the app before using it:
      • Contacts
      • Location
      • Camera
      • Storage
      • Photos
      • Notes
  2. What are the components of good AI Policy?
    • Transparent Policy – A clear guidelines and purposes for users
    • Right of data collection – The data whatever collected by AI system must be right to the data
    • Freedom of leaving the system – The freedom for to leave system anytime should be given to the user
    • Design – The design should be done in such a way that data collection and purpose should be limited
    • Data deletion – Data stored by user should be deleted when they leave the system

The next section of AI Ethics Class 10 Question Answers consists of question related to problem of inclusion.

  1. What do you understand by problem of inclusion?
    • The problem of inclusion refers to the problem that some people are left out of the AI decision making system.
    • Here we have a great example of AI problem inclusion.
    • Amazon has started recruitment process through AI, but the AI system left our many eligible females into the consideration.

The next section of AI Ethics Class 10 Question Answers focus on some AI access tools.

  1. What do you understand by the fact interpretation?
    • The AI system can collect the facts or scans data and learn from it but not able to understand the reason behind particular conclusion or learning.
    • Sometimes the AI system learn negatively also and produce the result in same manner.
    • This is called fact interpretation.
  2. What is “Tay”? What controversies created by Tay?
    • The “Tay” is a chatbot developed by Microsoft to run on the Twitter social media platform.
    • It was designed to experiment with conversational understanding.
    • As per the Microsoft claim, more users Tay will be more smarter and learn engage people through casual and playful conversations.
    • The controversy started after the launch of Tay.
    • In first 24 hours of launch of Tay it learned from thousands of tweets and developed unethical personality.
    • It just started mimicking the personality talking to it and learned from the data fed into it without interpreting it.
  3. What are the major AI ethical concerns related to AI adoptions?
    • Unemployment
    • Inequalities
    • Negative Adoptions
    • Black Box problem

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