In this article, we are going to discuss important QnA Data Exploration AI Class 10. So let’s we start!

Important QnA Data Exploration AI Class 10

Let us begin the article, with objective type questions. These questions can be asked in the form of multiple-choice questions, true/false and fill in the blanks.

  1. ___________ refers to the techniques and tools that are used for identifying important patterns and trends using graphs. (Ans. Data Exploration)
  2. Data exploration can be done using __________. (Ans. Data Visualization)
  3. You can also adopt some sophisticated statistical methods for data exploration. (True/False)
  4. For a better understanding of data exploration which of the following need to be understood?
    1. Data Analysis
    2. Data Weak AI systems
    3. Collection of Data
    4. Data Curation
  5. Which of the following AI weak systems are used in systems for making decisions by using user-defined rules?
    1. Brute-force
    2. Neural Networks
    3. Computer Vision
    4. Heuristic or Rule-based
  6. The ___________ AI weak system uses decision trees for analysing every possible option. (Ans. Brute Force)
  7. The heuristic AI weak system is used in chess games for analysing every possible move to find out the best approach. (True/False)
  8. The __________ systems are designed to mimic the human brains. (Ans. Neural Networks)
  9. Neural Network is also known as
    1. Deep Learning
    2. Machine Learning
    3. Robot Learning
    4. Experiential Learning
  10. Data visualization techniques are used to
    1. discover data
    2. real-time evaluation of big data
    3. getting new insights into data
    4. All of these
  11. Graphs help users to better conclusions. (True/False)
  12. Which of the following Google tool can be used for data visualization?
    1. Google Site
    2. Google Meet
    3. Google Data Studio
    4. Google Maps
  13. Which of the following is one of the data visualization tools?
    1. Tableau
    2. Tay
    3. Decision Tree
    4. Cortana
  14. The __________ tool use CSV data for creating charst and maps. (Ans. DataWrapper)
  15. The ___________ tool uses Java Script and capable of producing 100 different types of charts. (Ans. Fusioncharts)

In the next section of QnA Data Exploration AI Class 10, we are going to discuss subjective type questions.

Subjective Type Questions

Let us start the article QnA Data Exploration AI Class 10 with subjective type questions.

  1. What do you understand by data exploration?Illustrate the answer with an example.
    • Data exploration refer to techniques and tools used to represent data by showing and identifying unique patterns and trends.
    • It can be done by using data visualization and some other sophisticated statistical methods.
    • For example, If you want to place an order online, you need to collect some facts like product reviews, ratings, and feedback given by others. All these data help to make a decision for the users.
  2. What are the types of Data weak AI systems?
    • The types of data weak AI Systems are as following:
      • Heuristics or rule-based: It is a user-defined rule-based system that helps in making decisions
      • Brute-Force: It uses a decision tree for analysing every possible option. AI-based chess games use these systems for analysing every possible move to find out the best approach.
      • Neural Networks: Neural networks system are made to mimic the human brains. It works on different layers of the network and capable to improve its performance based on data and feedback.
  3. What is the importance of visualising data?
    • Data visualization provide insights from data in a better way.
    • Mostly data visualization is used to discover data and help in evaluation.
    • The common forms of data are graphs and charts.
    • These graphs are used to present data in a relationship, trends and comparisons.
  4. Explain some tools used for data visualization.
    • The following are some tools used for data visualization.
      • MS Excel: It is mostly used software for data analysis and computation. It provides a wide range of features of data visualization.
      • Tableau: It is used to create interactive visualization with the large and frequently updated dataset.
      • QlickView: It provides some more capabilities and extensive features.
      • Fusionchart: It uses javascript and capable of producing near about 100 different types of cahrts.

That’s all from QnA Data Exploration AI Class 10. If you have any query related to QnA Data Exploration AI Class 10 feel free to ask in the comment section.

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