Important questions Unit 4 Data Science Artificial Intelligence Class 10

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Important questions Unit 4 Data Science Artificial Intelligence Class 10 Portion and Weigthage

As per the current year syllabus and sample paper, Unit 4 Data Science questions can be asked in the board exam in the theory question paper. The weightage is as follows:

1 Mark Questions2 Marks Questions Total QuestionsTotal Marks

Important questions Unit 4 Data Science MCQS – 1 mark questions

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Artificial Intelligence Important Questions Class 10

Let us discuss important 2-mark questions from the topic Data Science Class 10. So here we go!

Important questions Unit 4 Data Science – 2 marks questions

  1. Mann is learning AI and knew the fact that AI can be categorized into three broad domains. List these domains.
    • Three domains are:
      • Data Science
      • Computer Vision
      • Natural Language Processing
  2. Define Data Science.
    • It is a concept of unifying statistics, data analysis, machine learning, and their related methods to understand and analyze actual phenomena with data.
    • It employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the context of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Information Science.
  3. List any four applications of Data sciences.
    • Fraud and Risk Detection
    • Genetics and Genomics
    • Internet Search
    • Targeted Advertising
    • Website recommendations
    • Airline Route Planning
  4. Ankur is a bank manager in a reputed Bank. He wants to know about the bank’s bad debts and losses. How data science could help him?
    • Through Data Science, data will be collected during the initial paperwork while sanctioning a loan.
    • These data later on help to recover the unpaid loans.
    • Moreover, banks learned to divide and conquer data through customer profiling, past expenditures, and other essential variables to analyze the possibilities of risk and default.
    • Data science can also help him to know the purchasing power of customers for their banking products.
  5. How data science is helpful in genetics and genomics?
    • Data Science enables an advanced level of treatment personalization through research.
    • It helps to understand the impact of DNA on an individual’s health and find individual biological connections between genetics, diseases, and drug response.
    • Data Science also allows the integration of different kinds of data with genomic data in disease research which provides a deeper understanding of genetic issues in reactions to particular drugs and diseases.
    • As much as the genome data is acquired for a person a deeper understanding of the human NDA will be achieved.
  6. Name any four search engines.
    • Google
    • Yahoo
    • Bing
    • Ask
    • AOL
  7. Justify the statement – “Digital ads have been able to get a much higher CTR (Call-Through Rate) than traditional advertisements.”
    • Nowadays people search for any product online on e-commerce platforms.
    • Based on their search data science displays them on various websites to the digital billboards at the airports.
    • They can be targeted based on the user’s past behavior.
  8. Name any four platform that uses Data Science to promote their products according to the user’s interests.
    • Amazon
    • Twitter
    • Google Play
    • Netflix
    • Linkedin
    • IMDB
  9. State any two reasons why the airline industry across the world bears heavy losses.
    • Except for a few airline service providers, companies are struggling to maintain their occupancy ratio and operating profits.
    • High rises in prices
    • Need to offer heavy discounts to customers
  10. Data Science is used to identify the strategic improvements what airline companies can do?
    • The airline companies can:
      • Predict the flight delay
      • Decide which class of airplanes to buy
      • Whether to directly land at the destination or take a halt in between
      • Effectively drive customer loyalty programs
  11. The AI-based project requires data collection. Name the two purposes for data collection.
    • Data for testing
    • Data for training
  12. Write the factors that would affect the quantity of food wastage in social gathering functions or food prepared in hotels.
    • Total number of relatives/customers
    • Quantity of dishes prepared per day/functions
    • Real dish consumption
    • Unconsumed dish quantity per day/functions
    • Price of dish
    • Quantity of dishes for next day
  13. State the use of the system map tool.
    • The system map tool is used to figure out the relation of elements with the project’s goal.
    • In other words, a system map is effectively a list of components used in a problem statement.
    • The positive arrows determine a direct relationship of elements while the negative ones show an inverse relationship of elements
  14. Write some examples for datasets for the following: Banks, movie theatre
    • Banks – Databases of loans issued, account holders, locker owners, employee registrations, bank visitors, etc.
    • Movie details, tickets sold offline and online, refreshment purchases, etc.
  15. List any four sources of data from where data can be collected offline.
    • Sensors
    • Surveys
    • Interviews
    • Observations
  16. List any four source of data collection online.
    • Open Source Government portals
    • Reliable websites like kaggle
    • World organization’s open source statistical websites
  17. Write any four points to keep in mind while accessing any data from any data sources.
    • Data that is available for public usage only should be taken up.
    • Personal datasets should only be used with the consent of the owner.
    • One should never breach someone’s privacy to collect data.
    • Data should only be taken form reliable sources as the data collected from random sources can be wrong or unusable.
    • Reliable sources of data ensure the authenticity of data which helps in proper training of the AI model.
  18. The tabular data format is a very suitable format for data science. State some commonly used tabular formats for the same.
    • CSV
    • Spreadsheet
    • SQL
  19. Expand the following: CSV, ODS, SQL, DBMS
    • CSV – Comma Separated Value
    • ODS – Open Document Spreadsheet
    • SQL – Structured Query Language
    • DBMS – Database Management System
  20. Explain CSV format in short.
    • It is a simple file format used to store tabular data.
    • Each line of this file is a data record and each record consists of one or more fields that are separated by commas.
    • Since the values of records are separated by a comma, hence they are known as CSV files.
    • These types of formats are opened and managed by spreadsheet software, Documentation software, and text editors.
  21. Discuss the spreadsheet format for the tabular dataset.
    • A Spreadsheet is a piece of paper or a computer program that is used for accounting and recording data using rows and columns into which information can be entered.
    • Microsoft Excel is a program that helps in creating spreadsheets.
  22. Describe the SQL format in short.
    • SQL is a programming language also known as Structured Query Language.
    • It is a domain-specific language used in programming and is designed for managing data held in different kinds of DBMS (Database Management System).
    • It is particularly useful in handling structured data.

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