In this article, I will provide Term 2 Practical File Informatics Practices Class 12 with a solution in PDF. The term 2 syllabus contains two units – database query using SQL and Introduction to a computer network. The practical records should be prepared from database query using SQL. So here we go!

Term 2 Practical File Informatics Practices Class 12

Have a look at the practical examination structure of Term 2 Informatics Practices Class 12. The structure of the practical exam is as follows:

1SQL Queries (pen and paper)7
2Practical File – 12 SQL Queries2
3Final Project Submission3

The practical file should be prepared in written form or printed form. It contains 12 SQL queries from the topics covered in the term 2 informatics practices syllabus of class 12. So here I will provide you with these 12 queries and Term 2 Practical File Informatics Practices Class 12 PDF with a solution.

Suggested queries by CBSE for Term 2 Practical File

As per the recommendation of CBSE, the suggested queries are as follows:

  1. Create a student table with the student id, name, and marks as attributes where the student id is
    the primary key.
  2. Insert the details of a new student in the above table.
  3. Delete the details of a student in the above table.
  4. Use the select command to get the details of the students with marks more than 80.
  5. Find the min, max, sum, and average of the marks in a student marks table.
  6. Find the total number of customers from each country in the table (customer ID, customer
    Name, country) using group by.
  7. Write a SQL query to order the (student ID, marks) table in descending order of the marks
  8. Write a SQL query to display the marks without decimal places, display the reminder after diving marks by 3 and display the square of marks
  9. Write a SQL query to display names into capital letters, small letters, display frist 3 letters of name, display last 3 letters of name, display the position the letter A in name
  10. Remove extra spaces from left, right and both sidesfrom the text – ” Informatics Practices Class XII “.
  11. Display today’s date in “Date/Month/Year” format.
  12. Display dayname, monthname, day, dayname, day of month, day of year for today’s date.


[1] Create table student

create table student
(studentid int(3) primary key,
name varchar(20) not null,
marks decimal(5,2));
create table ip class 12 practical file term 2

[2] Inserting records

inserting records in mysql ip class 12

Table data:

[3] Deleting records

delete from student where studentid=5;
delete a record from mysql table

[4] Fetching record with criteria

select * from student where marks>80;
Fetching records with crietria

[5] Maximum, Minimum, Sum and Average of marks

select max(marks), min(marks), sum(marks) , avg(marks) from student;

[6] Group by

select country, count(customer_id) from customer group by country;

[7] Sorting in descending order

select * from student order by marks desc;
order by inmysql class 12 ip

[8] Math functions

select round(marks,0),mod(marks,3),pow(marks,2) from student;

[9] Text functions

select ucase(name),lcase(name),left(name,3),right(name,3),instr(name,'a') from student;

[10] Text Functions

select ltrim("       Informatics Practices Class XII     ") "Left Spaces", rtim("            Informatics Practices Class XII        ") "Right Trim", trim("       Informatics Practices Class XII     ");

[11] Date function in MySQL

 select concat(date(now()),concat("/",concat(month(now()),concat("/",year(now())))));
date function in mysql


 select dayname(now()),monthname(now()),day(now()),dayname(now()),dayofmonth(now()),dayofyear(now());
Date functions

Follow this link to download the Term 2 Practical File Informatics Practices Class 12.

Download Term 2 Practical file Informatics Practices class 12

That’s all from my side for Term 2 Practical File Informatics Practices Class 12. If you have a doubt or query or want to hare your views about Term 2 Practical File Informatics Practices Class 12, feel free to write in the comment section.

I hope this article will definitely help you to prepare practical records. Thank you for visiting my website. Follow this link to get more notes and articles for term 2.

IP Class 12 term 2 Notes

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