Data transfer CSV to dataframe class 12 IP – Important Programs

In this article you will get some some important programs for Data transfer CSV to dataframe class 12. These programs can be used to your board practical file.

Data transfer CSV to dataframe class 12 IP

Write a program to do the following:

[1] Read player details like player name and score

[2] Read customer details like customer name, city, contact number (use proper headers in the CSV file).

To give proper headers use dictionary to store data.

[3] Read students details like rollno, name, English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and IP subject marks. (Avoid automatic index in CSV file)

You can use while loop and enter more records.

[4] Read details of banks like IFSC code, branch name, city, and pin code and branch manager name

Do yourself

[5] Read following CSV file and store the contents into datafame and display on the scree:

1K L Rahul3022
2S Dhawan5236
3Virat Kohli4024
4Sanju Samson1510
5Hardik Pandya4222
6Shreyas Iyer125

For other CSV functions click here.

Transfer Data into CSV files

Click here to read notes to understand the concept CSV to dataframe class 12 in well manner.

Notes Data Transfer to CSV

Download the code and CSV files used in this practical for CSV to dataframe class 12 from below given link.

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