Important Class 12 IP Board Practical Paper 2 Solution 2024

Class 12 IP Board Practical Paper 2 Solution 2024 gives you a solution for the Informatics Practices Board Practical Exam paper. So let’s begin!

Class 12 IP Board Practical Paper 2 Solution 2024

Recently I uploaded Informatics Practices Class 12 Paper 1 Solution for Board Practicals. Here I am going to provide you with another set of question papers and solutions for the same.

In this question paper, the questions will be asked from the following topics:

  1. Python Pandas and data transfer between Dataframe and CSV
  2. MySQL Queries and functions

So here we go!

Question 1 – Pyhton Pandas and Data Transfer between DataFrame and CSV

The first question in Class 12 IP Board Practical Paper 2 Solution 2024 is from Python pandas and data transfer between dataframe csv. The question is as follows:

Q – 1 Write Python code for the following:

1Virat Kohli1176590.32
2Rohit Sharma11597125.95
3Quinton de Kock10594107.03
4Rachin Ravindra10578106.45
5Daryl Mitchell8418111.07


a)Create a dataframe ‘Cric23’ using dictionary.[2]
b)Display the Batsman name along with runs scored.[1]
c)Add one more column ‘Average’ which contains the value as division of runs and innings. Add this column before SR column and after Runs column.  [1]
d)Change the data for Daryl Mitchell – Innings – 9 , Runs – 552.[1]
e) Convert the dataframe as ’TOP5.CSV’.[1]
f)Using a dataframe ‘Cric23’ ,plot a labelled bar chart to compare the runs for all batsmen with x axis having Batter name and customize the chart appropriately with labels and legends.[2]


import pandas as pd
#Answer a
   'Batsman':['Virat Kohli','Rohit Sharma','Quinton de Cock','Rachin Ravindra','Daryl Mitchell'],

#Answer b

#Answer c

#Answer d
Cric23.loc[4,['SNO','Batsman','Innings','Runs','SR']]=[5,'Daryl Mitchell',9,552,111.070]

#Asnwer e

#Asnwer f
import matplotlib.pyplot as pyl,Cric23.Runs)
pyl.title("Top 5 Worldcup 23")

Question 2 – MySQL Queries and Functions

The second question is based on MySQL queries and functions. The question is as follows:

Consider the following Table ‘Garment’ with the records given in it. Write SQL queries for the following:

G1003Jeans Pant101500Ruf n Tuf
G1006Formal Pant505500Raymond


 a)Create above table garment[1]
 b)Count the unique company from garment.[1]
 c)Display maximum price of garment manufactured by raymond.[1]
 d)Display the average price of Pant.[1]
e)Display the garment number, garment name and company in the descending order of their price.[1]
f)Find the difference between maximum price and minimum price from the table.[1]
g)Display garment in upper case letters and ‘discountedprice’ which is price minus 5 % of price for price in between 2100 to 10000.[1]


Answer a
create table garment
    ->        (gcode char(5) primary key,
    ->        gname varchar(30),
    ->        qty int(2),
    ->        price int(5),
    ->        company varchar(30));

insert into garment values
('G1003','Jeans Pant',10,1500,'Ruf n Tuf'),
('G1006','Formal Pant',50,5500,'Raymond');

Answer b
select count(distinct company) from garment;

Answer c
select max(price) from garment where company='Raymond';

Answer d
select avg(price) from garment where gname like '%Pant%';

Answer e
select gcode, gname, company from garment order by price desc;

Answer f
select max(price)-min(price) from garment;

Answer g
 select upper(gname),price-price*0.05 as "Dicounted Price" from garment where price betw
een 2100 and 10000;

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