Term 2 notes Informatics practices Class 12

In this article, you will get term 2 notes Informatics practices in Class 12. Let’s start!

Term 2 notes Informatics practices Class 12

There are 2 units given as per the term 2 syllabi of CBSE.

Most expected questions IP Class 12

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Most expeted Questions Informatics Practices Class 12

Sample and Practice Papers Term 2 IP Class 12

Follow this link for sample practice papers and pre-board papers from various institutes.

Sample Papers & Practice Papers Class 12 IP

Unit 2: Database query using SQL

  • Database Query Using SQL
    • Math and Text Function – Notes   | QnA
    • Date – Time and Aggregate Functions – Notes | QnA
    • Manipulating data using Group by, Having, Order by – Notes | QnA

Unit 3: Introduction to Computer Network

To download last minute revision PDF, follow this link:

  1. Last Minute revision DBMS & Networking
  2. Networking

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The solutions will be provided soon and more questions will be added as per the new sample paper that will be available onboard the website.

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S.NoTerm 2 Notes PDF
1IP term 2 KV Notes Cochin Region
2IP term 2 KV Notes Ranchi Region
3Arihant IP Term 2
4IP term 2 KV Student Support Material Ernakulam Region

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