The comprehensive guide Class 12 ip practical file 2022-23

In this article, I will provide you with the comprehensive guide class 12 IP practical file 2020-21. This practical file contains the records related to class 12 IP practical file 2020-21. So let’s begin!

Class 12 IP practical file 2022-23

As per CBSE curriculum for Informatics Practices Class 12, the class 12 ip practical file will be prepared to represent the practical work records throughout the year. So here I will provide you with the comprehensive guide for the class 12 ip practical file. So let we look at the practical marks distribution of the same.

Sr.NoUnit NameMarks
1Programs using Pandas and Matplotlib8
2SQL Queries7
3Practical file (minimum of 15 programs based on Pandas, 4 based on Matplotlib
and 15 SQL queries must be included)
4Project Work (using concepts learned in class XI and XII)5
Marks distribution for class 12 ip practical

Programs using Pandas and Matplotlib

If you are looking for the programs, follow the below-given link:

Pandas Series Practical
Pandas Dataframe Practical
Data Visualization

How to prepare class 12 ip practical file?

Preparing class 12 ip practical file is quite easy. As per the guidance of your subject teacher, you can prepare a practical file. Here I am going to guide you basically on what I am following for my students.

Prepare the cover page, acknowledgement and certificate

File Cover page - class 12 ip practical file
File Cover page – class 12 ip practical file

Make a cover page and write your basic details like school name, school logo, address, your name, roll number etc. Use the formatting as per your choice.

After that prepare prepare the acknowledgement, certificate and index. The acknowledgement is not necessary. Write the programs in index with appropriate page numbers, date and get it signed by your subject teacher.

How to write programs and add screenshots?

To write programs first write the complete definition, then add python code screenshot and at last attach the output. In this section of class 12 ip practical file, you need to attach 15 pandas programs and 4 matplotlib programs (as per the revised curriculum of IP) with code and output. I have added these programs:

15 Programs based on dataframe

  1. Generate a series of these numbers: 33,55,65,29,19,23. Find the sum of those values which are ending with 3 or 5.
  2. Generate a series of 10 numbers starting with 41 and with the increment of 3. Now add 7 all odd values and subtract 3 in even values. Reprint the updated series.
  3. Generate a series of 10 numbers. Change the value of all the elements those values are multiples of 4.
  4. Generate a series and print the top 3 elements using the head function.
  5. Generate a series and print the last 3 elements using the tail function.
  6. Generate a series with these numbers: 21, 51, 71, 31, 12. Exchange all these values of series by shifting each of them one to one position before and by shifting the first value to last position.
  7. Create a dataframe named as students using a list of names of 5 students.
  8. Create a dataframe players using a list of names and scores of the previous three matches. (Using Nested list)
  9. Create a dataframe countries using a dictionary which stored country name, capitals and populations of the country.
  10. Iterate dataframe created in question no. 8 by its rows.
  11. Print scores of previous two matches along with their names using iterrows function. (Use dataframe created in question 8)
  12. Make a total of score from the dataframe players and display their rank according the their scores.
  13. Print the batsman name along with runs scored in Test and T20 using column names and dot notation.
  14. Display the Batsman name along with runs scored in ODI using loc.
  15. Display the batsman details who scored
    • More than 2000 in ODI
    • Less than 2500 in Test
    • More than 1500 in T20

4 Programs based on matplotlib

[1] Plot following data on line chart and follow the given instructions:

  1. Write a title for the chart “The Weekly Income Report”.
  2. Write the appropriate titles of both axes.
  3. Write code to Display legends.
  4. Display red color for the line.
  5. Use the line style – dashed
  6. Display diamond style markers on data points

[2] Consider the following data of a medical store and plot the data on the line chart and Customize the chart as you wish:

MonthMasksSanitizerHand wash

[3] Use above data and subplot sanitizer data and handwash data.

[4] Display following bowling figures through bar chart:


Part 3: Database query using MySQL

  • Create the following table products and write queries given below:

Table: Products

P1002LED TV10085000Sony
P1003DSLR Camera1025000Philips
P1005LED TV2045000MI
P1006Bluetooth Speaker10020000Ahuja
  1. To join product and company and display in the tabular form like – <pname> manufactured by <company>
  2. Convert all product name into capital
  3. Display the cube of products quantity for more than or 100 in quantity.
  4. Divide the price by 3 and display the result with 1 fraction digit for the price of more than 40,000.
  5. Display pname (last four letters only), qty, price with 2 decimal points and company for price in between 30000 to 80000.
  6. Display maximum price of products
  7. Display the total quantities of all products
  8. Display the average price of LED TV and Apple products
  9. Find the difference between maximum price and minimum price from the table.
  10. Display unique Products from the table.
  11. Count the unique company from products.
  12. Display the product number, product name and company in the descending order of their price.
  13. Display product minimum price for each company.
  14. Display product number and product names in their ascending order of names.
  15. Display maximum price of products manufactured by apple.

Suggested practical list by CBSE

CBSE has provided suggested a list of programs in the syllabus itself. They are as follows:

Data handling

  1. Create a panda’s series from a dictionary of values and a ndarray
  2. Given a Series, print all the elements that are above the 75th percentile.
  3. Create a Data Frame quarterly sales where each row contains the item category, item name, and expenditure. Group the rows by the category and print the total expenditure per category.
  4. Create a data frame for examination result and display row labels, column labels data types of each column and the dimensions
  5. Filter out rows based on different criteria such as duplicate rows.
  6. Importing and exporting data between pandas and CSV file

Data Visualization

  1. Given the school result data, analyses the performance of the students on different parameters, e.g subject wise or class-wise.
  2. For the Data frames created above, analyze, and plot appropriate charts with title and legend.
  3. Take data of your interest from an open source (e.g., aggregate and summarize it. Then plot it using different plotting functions of the Matplotlib library.

Data Management

  1. Create a student table with the student id, name, and marks as attributes where the student id is the primary key.
  2. Insert the details of a new student in the above table.
  3. Delete the details of a student in the above table.
  4. Use the select command to get the details of the students with marks more than 80.
  5. Find the min, max, sum, and average of the marks in a student marks table.
  6. Find the total number of customers from each country in the table (customer ID, customer Name, country) using group by.
  7. Write a SQL query to order the (student ID, marks) table in descending order of the marks.

Watch this video for more understanding:

Download class 12 ip practical file

Download the practical file without the watermark

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