Important Term 2 Mock Test Informatics Practices Class 12

In this article, we are going to conduct Term 2 Mock Test Informatics Practices Class 12. This mock test will be strictly based on Term 2 CBSE Sample Paper 2022. Let’s start!

Mock Test 1 – Term 2 Mock Test Informatics Practices Class 12

[1] Consider the given points and identify Who am I?


  • The software gives a browser additional functionality
  • Developed by a third-party organization
  • Can be used by all popular browsers


  • Integrated into the browser
  • run only when the browser runs
  • designed to work on specific browsers only

[2] Simran is preparing for CBSE Term 2 Informatics Practices board exam. She read the description as:


A collection of related web pages that shares a common domain as well as it is created and maintained by an individual, group, business or organization to serve a variety of purposes.


It provides the facilioty to create and maintain a website and make it accessible to world wide web.

Help her to identify the terms.

[3] Sadhna had an interview for the post of a web developer. The interviewer asked her about any four broad areas or services provided through the internet. She tried but didn’t respond well. Help her to recall the answer so she can prepare well for the next interview.

[4] Differentiate between web and internet.

[5] Predict the output for the following SQL commands:

(i) select mod(power(3,3),4);

(ii) select round(34567.876,-3);

[6] Sohil has written the following queries:

select mod(23,4) from dual;

select mod(23,4) from students;

A table student has 4 rows in it.

  1. What will be the output for both commands?
  2. Are they same or different for both commands, explain in short.

[7] Praveen asked his subordinate Ankur to write some common facilities provided by email. Write any four common facilities to help Praveen’s subordinate Ankur.

[8] Extract the single row functions and aggregate functions from the following:


[9] Write the output produced by the following SQL commands:

  1. SELECT LENGTH(MID(“Informatics Practices”),12);
  2. SELECT YEAR(“1988/10/27”), MONTH(“1979/12/26”), DAY(“1979/01/26”), MONTHNAME(“1984/10/19”);

[10] Consider the following table and write the output of the given queries:

P01Washing Powder40Surf Excel
P02Tooth Paste78Colgate
P04Tooth Paste85Colgate
  1. SELECT PName, Avg(UPrice) FROM Product GROUP BY Pname;
  2. SELECT DISTINCT Manufacturer FROM Product;
  4. SELECT PName, MAX(UPrice), MIN(UPrice) FROM Product GROUP BY PName;

[11] Consider the following table students and write the output of the queries given below:


(i) select fess-year(adm_date) from students where month(adm_date)>3;

(ii) select sname from students where monthname(adm_date)=’January’;

[12] Write queries based on the above table for the following:

  1. Display the details of students from the oldest to the youngest student.
  2. Display the names and fees of those students who were admitted in 2018 and 2019.

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