100+ Important and Most expected questions IP Class 12

Most expected questions IP Class 12

In this article, I am going to discuss the most expected questions IP class 12. Informatics Practices with subject code 065 is one of the popular subjects of the CBSE curriculum for the senior secondary school certificate exam. This subject is mostly given to commerce students.

Most expected questions IP Class 12

This article mainly covers the Most expected questions in IP Class 12 for CBSE exam 2023. The topics which are covered in this subject are as follows:

  1. Unit 1 Data Handling using Pandas – I
    • Introduction to Python Libraries – Pandas, Matploltib
    • Data structures in Pandas – Series and Data Frames
    • Series: Creation of Series from – ndarray, dictionary, scalar value; mathematical operations; Head and Tail functions; Selection, Indexing and Slicing
    • Data Frames: creation – from the dictionary of Series, list of dictionaries, Text/CSV files; display; iteration; Operations on rows and columns: add, select, delete, rename; Head and Tail functions; Indexing using Labels, Boolean Indexing
    • Importing/Exporting Data between CSV files and Data Frames
  2. Data Visualization
    • Purpose of plotting; drawing and saving following types of plots using Matplotlib – line plot, bar graph, histogram
    • Customizing plots: adding labels, titles, and legends in plots.
  3. Unit 2: Database Query using SQL
  4. Introduction to Computer networks

So let us start the article Most expected questions IP Class 12 with a Unit 2 database query using SQL. Here we go!

Most expected questions IP Class 12 – 2 Marks Questions Unit 1 Data handling using pandas – I

[1] What do you mean by python libraries? Illustrate your answer with an example.

[2] NumPy stands for what? What is used for?

[3] What do you mean by Pandas? What are three important data structures of pandas?

[4] What do you mean by data structure?

[5] What is Matplolib library? Explain in short.

[6] Differentiate between NumPy and Pandas.


DeveloperTravis OliphantWes McKinney
RequiresHomogenous DataHeterogeneous data
ApplicationsUseful in calculationsUseful in data processing applications
Data formatUsed where data is available in Tabular formatUsed for numeric-based data manipulations
Datasethandles small datasethandles large dataset
ToolsNumPy works on ArraysPandas works on Series and DataFrame
SpeedFast in processing compared to PandasSlow in processing compared to NumPy

[7] Samira wants to install python pandas on her laptop. She is not aware of the prerequisite for the same and commands to install it. Help her to understand her requirements and complete her task.

[8] Krish wants to store an individual score of players 34,56,78,23 with appropriate data labels. Which Pandas data structure is used for this purpose? Write a short code to store the values with data labels as names of players.

[9] Lax is confused to understand what is series and how it is helpful in data analysis? Illustrate the answer in short and help him.

[10] Shiv wants to know various ways to create a series. Suggest any four ways to create a series for him.

[11] Identify the error from below given code, rectify errors and rewrite the correct code:

import panda as pd
print s


import pandas as pd 

[12] Adnan has been given a task to create an empty series. But he is confused about what it is and how to create it. Suggest to him the way to create it and understand what is empty series?

[13] Krushn has given the task to create an empty series with default data type float. Write code for the same and display series.

[14] What are the various ways of accessing series elements?

[15] What do you mean by slicing? How to access series elements using slicing? Explain in short.

[16] Consider the following code and fill in the gaps to get the given output:

import _____________ as pd

[17] Consider the following series and write code to get the given output:


Output 1:


Output 2:




[18] Consider the above data frame and write output for the following code:



Output 1:


Output 2:


[19] Consider the above data frame and write code for the following:

i) Display the records of batsmen who scored more than 50.

ii) Display the runs of Rohit.


i) print(s[s>50])

ii) print(s[‘Rohit’])

[20] What will be the output of the following:

import pandas as pd


0 [34, 56, 78]
1 [4, 3, 2]
dtype: object

Most expected questions IP Class 12 – 2 Marks Questions Unit 2 Database Query using SQL

In the first section of Most expected questions IP Class 12 we will cover the questions from my SQL functions.

[1] In a table employee, a  column occupation contains many duplicate values. Which keyword would you use if wish to list of only different values?

[2] Define and Identify Single Row functions of MySQL amongst the following :


[3] Given the table ‘Player’ with the following columns :


Write the output of the following queries:

  • Select COUNT(POINTS) FROM Player;

[4] Name SQL Single Row functions (for each of the following) that

  1. returns total no. of letters of the given text
  2. returns text into lowercase letters
  3. returns names of days, For example : ‘‘Monday’’, ‘‘Tuesday’’
  4. returns month number from the given date

[5] Name two Aggregate (Group) functions of SQL and explain them with example.

[6] Consider the table ‘Hotel’ given below:


Mr. Vinay wanted to display average salary of each Category. He entered the following SQL statement. Identify error(s) and Rewrite the correct SQL statement.

SELECT Category, Salary FROM Hotel GROUP BY Category;

[7] Write the output of the following SQL queries :

  1. SELECT MID(‘BoardExamination’,2,4);
  2. SELECT ROUND(67.246,2);
  4. SELECT LEFT(‘2022-06-13’,4);

[8] Distinguish between Single Row and Aggregate functions of MySQL. Write one example of each.

[9] Consider the following table :


Abhay wants to know the number of students who took the test. He writes the following SQL statement to count STUDENTID without duplicates. However the statement is not correct. Rewrite the correct statement.


[10] Aman has used the following SQL command to create a table ‘stu’ :

CREATE TABLE stu ( id INTEGER, name VARCHAR(100) );

Then, Aman enters the following SQL statements to enter 3 rows :

INSERT INTO stu VALUES (1, “abc”);

INSERT INTO stu VALUES (2, “abc”);

INSERT INTO stu VALUES (3, “bcd”);

Write the output that will be produced by the following SQL statement :

SELECT name, Count(*) FROM stu GROUP BY name;

[11] Table Student has the columns RNO and SCORE. It has 3 rows in it. Following two SQL statements were entered that produced the output (AVG(SCORE)) as 45 and COUNT(SCORE) as 2). Data in SCORE column is same in two rows. What data is present in the SCORE column in the three rows?

[12] Consider the following table – activity

  1. Write query to display Activity Code along with total points of each activity (Activity Code wise) from the table Participant.
  2. To display Activity Code, Activity Name in alphabetic ascending order of names of activityname.

[13] Consider the following table: results


Write the outputs that the following SQL statements will generate :


[14] Consider the following table: item

2Sketch Pens40
3Ball Pens18
4Gel Pens20

Write queries to

  1. To display Names of Items and Price of all the items in descending order of their Price.
  2. To display Minimum and Maximum Price of each item from the table item for pens and pencil)

[15] Write the output of the following queries:

  1. select mod(-23,2);
  2. select right(lower(‘Class XII Term 2 Exam’),4);
  3. select month(‘2022-04-03’);
  4. select pow(day(‘2022-05-03’),-2);

[16] Consider the following table game:

  1. Write a query to display the maximum, and minimum fees of grames.
  2. Write a query to display the average fees of game number G001,G003,G004 and G005.

[17] What will be the output of the following queries:

  1. select length(substring(‘SSC Exam 2022’),10,4);
  2. select dayname(‘2022-06-13’);
  3. select trim(‘ Term 2 Examination ‘);
  4. select UCASE(‘IP XII’);

[18] Differentiate between order by clause and group by clause.

[19] Differentiate between where and having clause.

[20] Ankur has written the following commands with respect to a table employee having fields empno, name, department, and commission.

Command 1 – select count(*) from employee;

Command 2 – select count(commission) from employee;

She gets the output as 6 for the first command but gets 4 rows for the second command. Explain the output with justification.

[21] Roshan, is a student of class 12 learning MySQL, he wants to remove leading and trailing spaces from ‘#####LEARNING###MYSQL####’ (#denotes a blank space) and also wants to know the output. Write the output and explain how these spaces are removed?

[22] Mr. Kalpesh is Admin Manager in Krishna Hospital. He created the following table named doctor to store records of doctors.


Write output of the following queries:

i) select SUM(Salary) from Doctor where Department =’Surgery’;
ii) select Department, Count(*) from Doctor Group By Department;

[22] Based on the table given above, help Mr. Kalpesh write queries for the following task:
i) To display the names and salaries of doctors in descending order of salaries.
ii) To display the unique departments from the doctor table.

[23] Gopal is using a table EMPLOYEE. It has the following columns: He wants to display the maximum salary Department wise.

Table Fields – Code, Name, Salary, Deptcode

He wrote the following query:
SELECT Deptcode, Max(Salary) FROM EMPLOYEE order by deptcode;
But he did not get desired result. Rewrite the above query with necessary changes to help him get the desired output. and also write the category of a query and function of this command.

[24] Write the name of the functions to perform the following operations and write an example:
1. To display the day, from the date when the constitution of India came into effect.
2. To display the position of India from the given string – ‘Republic India’.

[25] Predict the output:

  1. select power(3,0);
  2. select round(125.7654,-2)

3 Marks Questions Most expected questions IP Class 12

[1] Predict the output of the following:

i. select instr(‘Term 2 Boardexams @2022′,’@’);
ii. select mid(‘Term 2 Boardexams @2022’,8,5);
iii. select left(‘Term 2 Boardexams @2022’,6);

[2] Consider the following table ‘Prepaid’ and write queries given below:

  1. To fetch the First 5 characters of customer’s name
  2. To display the company names is longer than 4 characters
  3. To display the customer name in capitals

[3] Raj is working with functions of MySQL. Suggest a query to him for the following:

  1. To display the name of the month of the today
  2. To remove spaces from the beginning and end of the string “ Popular ”
  3. To compute the remainder of the division between two numbers 5 and 7

[4] Consider the following table – ‘Garment’

G005Ladies TopLYellow780
G006Cotton JeansXLBlack1249

Write the following queries in some other methods or ways:

  1. select sum(price) from garment where price>=1300 and price<=1800
  2. select max(price) from garment where size = ‘XL’ or size=’L’
  3. select sum(price)/count(price) from garment;

[5] Consider the table – Garment and write the following queries:

  1. Display the Minimum price of the Garment.
  2. Count and display the number of GARMENT from each SIZE where number of GARMENTS are more than 1.
  3. Display the sum of price of each color garment

[6] Write output of the following:

  1. select power(length(substr(“Salam India”,-5)),0);
  2. select round(power(instr(“Informatics Practices”,’for’),-3),2);
  3. select mod(length(“Jai Hind”),9);

[7] Consider the table – friends

195000PGT PhysicsDelhi Public School
275000TGTMathsArmy Public School
365000PGTChemistryJawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
480000PGTMathsDelhi Public School
550000TGTMathsJawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
645000TGTScienceArmy Public School
748000TGTMathsJawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
  1. Display the total salary received by each designation.
  2. Display the Maximum Salary of Maths subject friends
  3. Display the Total Number of freinds working in Army public school

[8] Name the SQL command used for the following:

  1. To add new record
  2. To remove a record
  3. To change the name of a column
  4. To change the database
  5. To display records
  6. To edit records

[9] Explain the difference between each and justify using an example for each.

  1. DAY() and DAYNAME()
  2. MONTH() and MONTHNAME()
  3. INSTR() and SUBSTR()

[10] Binal has joined as a trainee in a database company. While working with real-time data, he has few queries: As a senior, help him name the functions to clear his queries and explain the difference among them:

  1. A function that returns a constant time that indicate’s the time at which the statement began to execute
  2. A function that returns exact time at which it executes.
  3. A function that returns the current date only and not the time.

[11] Sanjana is executing the following queries:

  1. Select length(trim(“##CBSE Term 2 Exam##“));
  2. Select length(ltrim(“##CBSE Term 2 Exam###“));
  3. Select length(rtrim(“###CBSE Term 2 Exam##“));

The # sign is used to denotes the space. He got the output for the commands are as follows:

  1. Predict the output for above queries
  2. Explain the reason for above output to Sanjana

[12] Consider “Winners never quit”. Write the queries for the following tasks.

  1. Write a command to display “quit”.
  2. Write a command to display number of characters in the string.
  3. Write a command to check the first occurrence of letter ‘n’

[13] What will be the output of the following queries?

  1. SELECT UPPER(‘winners never quit’);
  2. SELECT substr(‘winners never quit’,-9,4);
  3. SELECT Right(‘winners never quit’,4);

[14] Consider the following table stduent and write answer of the following questions:

6Dharti17Fine Arts2008/04/2027000F

[1] Display square of age that got admission in the month of June.

[2] Divide age the by 2 and display the output with 2 decimal places along with name and department.

[3] Display unique departments in capital letters.

[4] Display the name from 3rd letter to 6th letter along with age and department who admitted after 1997.

[5] Display the name, admission date and fees whose name is 6 letters long.

[6] Display the total number of years for all students from the table and rename the heading as years in school.

[7] Display name, department and month name in which they got admission for all students.

[8] Display name and subtract today’s day from date of admission day.

[9] Display no, name, and day name for students whose name contains ‘ha’.

[10] Display the most senior student and most junior student’ age.

[11] Display maximum age for each department.

[12] Display young age for each gender.

[13] Display total number of student for each department and display the report where no. of students are more than 2.

[14] Display the details of students in descending order of age.

[15] Display the details of students according to youngest to oldest.

Watch this video for more understanding:

Introduction to Computer Network Most expected questions IP Class 12

[1] A school with 20 stand-alone computers is considering networking them together and adding a server. State 2 advantages of doing this.

[2] Distinguish between LAN and WAN.

[3] What is the purpose of Modem in network ?

[4] Define ‘Domain Name Resolution’.

[5] Illustrate the layout for connecting 5 computers in a Bus and a Star topology of Networks.

Star Topology

star topology computer science class 12
Start topology
Bus topology class 12 computer science
Bus Topology

[6] State one way with which an online shopper can be sure that he/she is using a secure website.

[7] Expand:

(i) POP3 (ii) SMTP (iii) VolP (iv) HTTP

[8] A CEO of a car manufacturing company ElectroCars Ltd. located at Mumbai wants to have an annual meeting with his counterparts located at Delhi and Chennai where he would like to show as well as see and discuss the presentations prepared at the three locations for the financial year. Which communication technology out of the following is best suited for taking such an online demonstration ? 

(i) Chat                                       (ii) Teleconferencing                                     (iii) Video Conferencing

[9] What kind of data gets stored in cookies and how is it useful?

[10] State the reason why star topology requires more cable length than bus topology.

[11] Seema needs a network device that should regenerate the signal over the same network before the signal becomes too weak or corrupted . Amit needs a network device to connect two different networks together that work upon different networking models so that two networks can communicate properly.

[12] How is the domain name related to IP address?

[13] What happens to the Network with Star topology if the following happens :

  1. One of the computers on the network fails?
  2. The central hub or switch to which all computers are connected, fails ?

[14] Write the purpose of HTTP.

[15] Write the purpose of the following devices : Router, Modem

[16] Name any two private Internet Service Providers (company) in India.

[17] Pratima is an IT expert and a freelancer. She is undertakes those jobs, which are related to setting up security software/tools and managing networks in various companies. If we name her role in these companies, what it will be out of the following and justify the reason:

(i) Cracker (ii) Network Admin (iii) Hacker (iv) Operator

[18] Kamakshi Ltd. Company wants to link its computers in the Head office in New Delhi to its office in Sydney. Name the type of Network that will be formed. Which device should be used to form this Network ?

[19] Name the devices :

  1. This device constantly looks at all the data entering and exiting your connection. It can block or reject data in response to an established rule.
  2. This device connects multiple nodes to form a network. It redirects the received information only to the intended node(s).

[20] Differentiate between Bus Topology and Star Topology of Networks. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Star Topology over Bus Topology ?

[21] Atul is learning the topic of types of networks. He is confused about which type of network formed by the following:

  1. A network formed between computers across the continent
  2. A network formed between computers on the university campus

[22] Identify the smallest and largest network out of these and write an example of each of them:


[23] Match the following devices functions:

1ModemAConnect the different networks together that work upon different networking models
2GatewayBRegenerate the signal over the same network before the signal becomes too weak or corrupted
3RepeaterCConverts analogue signals to digital signals and vice versa
4HubDConnect multiple devices in a network and send information to all nodes

[24] Parul is learning topic network topologies. Identify the following topologies:

  1. All devices are connected with the same cable
  2. A central device is connected with all devices
  3. Every node has a dedicated point-to-point link to every other node
  4. A topology which is a combination of star and bus topology

[25] Arun is going to select a network topology for his company. Suggest him the topology from the following hints:

(i) He needs to maximise the speed maximise the speeds and make each computer independent.

(ii) A topology which contains a backbone cable running through the whole length.

[26] Bhumin wants to know about the hub. Explain the device with its type to him in short.

[27] Explain the types of repeaters in short.

4 marks questions Unit 3 Introduction to computer networks

[1] Biswas Enterprise is starting its first regional office in Baroda, Gujarat. And a branch office in Bhruch. Bharuch office has three units Admin, HR and Sales in the 2 Km Area. As a network admin, you need to suggest the network plan as per (i) to (iv) to the leaders keeping in mind the distances and other parameters:

Most expected questions IP Class 12 4 marks questions networking

The approximate distance between these units are as follows:

HR to Admin70 M
HR to Sales50 M
Admin to Sales100 M
Baroda Office to Bharuch Office95 KM

The number of computers installed in each unit are:


(i) Suggest the best suitable cable layout for the given case to connect each unit of the Bharuch office.

(ii) Suggest the most suitable place to install the server and specify the reason.

(iii) Which device is out of the following to be installed in each unit of the Bharuch office?

Router, Repeater, Swich, Modem

(iv) Which topology is best for each unit of the Bharuch Office?

Bus, Star, Tree, Mesh

(v) Which type of network is formed between the following:

(a) HR to Admin Unit

(b) Baroda office to Bharuch Office

(vi) Suggest a suitable technology to access the internet at various units of Bharuch Office.

(vii) Suggest the best option to connect the Baroda office with the Bharuch office’s units.

(viii) Suggest a device/software to provide security for the entire network of Bharuch Office.

(ix) Company wants to arrange online meetings frequently throughout the year. Suggest anyone online video conferencing software/app and protocol used for the software.

(x) Company has launched its R & D department office in USA. They want to connect this office network with Baroda office. Suggest the best way to connect them.

(xi) Which device is used to share dedicated bandwidth in LAN?

(xii) Company want to add one more unit at the Bharuch office. This unit is away from Admin unit and the cables can be spread through the Narmada River. Suggest best options for :

(a) Cables to connect these units across the river Narmada

(b) Device to extend the network

(c) In this unit they want to connect the internet line with their telephone. Suggest a device which can be used to establish an internet connection through telephone.



Cable layout networking questions class 12

(ii) Admin unit is the most suitable place to install a server as it has a maximum number of computers.

(iii) Switch can be used to connect all the devices of the Bharuch office.

(iv) Star topology is best for each unit of the Bharuch Office.

(v) (a) LAN (b) WAN

(vi) Broadband

(vii) Sattelite is the best option to connect Baroda office and Bharuch office units.

(viii) Firewall

(ix) Software: Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Webex & Protocol : VoIP

(x) Satellite

(xi) Switch

(xii) (a) Fibre Optic Cables

(b) Repeater

(c) Modem

I hope this article will help you to prepare for CBSE informatics practices board exam. If you have doubts or queries related to any topic feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thank you for visiting my blog.