Important PDF Informatics Practices Class 12

In this article, I will provide you with some important PDF PDF Informatics Practices Class 12 to download. These PDFs are some of them I have created and some of them created by other friends.

If anyone has any issue with any pdf provided here they can write me an email with the topic through contact us, I will remove that file from this page.

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Download Important PDF Informatics Practices Class 12

S.NoPDF TopicDownload File
1Term Wise Syllabus Download
2Term 1 Content – Topic Wise – By MeDownload
3Project Synopsis Guideline – By MeDownload
4Case Study Based Questions – By CBSEDownload
5Oswal MCQs Term 1Download
6Term 1 Sample Paper By CBSE Download
7MCQ Questions by KV RaipurDownload
8CBSE Sample Paper Term 1Download | MS
9Sample Paper I Term 1 (Source: WhatsApp)Download
10Sample Paper-II Term II (Source: WhatsApp)Download
11Study Material – KV Hydrabad RegionDownload
12Goyal Brothers – Sample Papers and MCQ QuestionsDownload
13MCQs KV RO AgraDownload

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    Thank You so much. Youa re doing an amazing work thanks a lot

  2. pyaarakanhiya says:

    thank you so much sir,was looking for oswaal mcq,found it here
    again thank you very much sir

  3. Thank so much
    Plz provide practical sample question paper of information practice 065 code
    With solution

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