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In this article, we are going to NCERT Solutions Chapter 5 Internet and Web Class 12 Informatics Practices. If you are a student of Informatics Practices class 12 or IP class 12 this article will help you. So lets we begin!

Chapter 5 Internet and Web Class 12

Now let us start the article NCERT Solutions IP Class 12 Chapter 5 Internet and Web. In this chapter 12 the NCERT exercises stating with fill the blanks. So here we go!

Fill in the blanks

  1. To transmit data for sharing on a network, it has to be divided into smaller chunks called __________. (Ans. packets)
  2. The set of rules that decide the functioning of a network is called ________. (Ans. protocols)
  3. A LAN can be extended up to a distance of __________ km. (Ans. 1 or ONE)
  4. The __________ connects a local area network to the internet. (Ans. router)
  5. The _______ topology is of hierarchical nature. (Ans. tree)
  6. ________ is a standard naming convention used for accessing resources over the Internet. (Ans. URL)
  7. _____ is a collection of related web pages. (Ans. Website)
  8. A _________ is a computer that provides services to other programs or computers. (Ans. Server)

The next section of NCERT Solutions IP class 12 Chapter 5 Internet and Web consists of full forms.

Expand the following

  1. ARPANET – Advanced Research Project Agency Network
  2. ISP – Internet Service Provider
  3. URL – Uniform Resource Locator

The next section of NCERT Solutions IP class 12 Chapter 5 Internet and Web consists of device identification.

Name the device for the following

  1. It stands for Modulator Demodulator – Modem
  2. It regenerates the signals – Repeater

The next section of NCERT Solutions IP class 12 Chapter 5 Internet and Web consists of differentiations.

Differentiate between

a) MAN and WAN

The MAN network spans an entire city/town.The WAN network spans over a relatively broad
a geographical area like intercity or country.
It can be extended up to 30-40 kms.It covers an unlimited distance.
Many LAN networks can be connected together and form MAN.Many MAN networks can be connected together and form WAN.
Ex. Cable TV networkEx. Internet
Differentiate between MAN and WAN

b) Website and web page

A collection of related web pages created for a
particular purpose is known as website.
It is a document on www having text,
images, audio, video etc that is viewed
in a web browser.
The website contains various elements and links to other web pages.Webpage is a part of any website.
Websites don’t depend on any particular web pages. A webpage is dependent on a website.
Website does not have any specific type of extension.A webpage have different extenstions like .html or .htm ot .aspx or .php etc.

c) Router and Gateway

The router is used to connect LAN to the internet.It is an access point which acts as gate between LAN and internet.
Router analyzes the data, decides or alters how data packaged and sent to another type of network.It creates the entry and exit point of the network.
A router can be wired or wireless.A gateway can be any other network device and can be implemented as software or hardware.
The router can provide access to multiple devices like mobile, tables, laptops etc. It expands the functionality of routers.

d) Bus and Star topology

Bus TopologyStar Topology
Bus topology uses a single-length cable to connect the network.Star topology uses central device to connect other devices with network
The single-length cable has a terminator at both ends.In star topology, one end of the cable is connected to a device and another to a central device.
Mostly it used coaxial cable.Mostly it used ethernet cable.
It is mostly suitable for a network where cable length is long. It is suitable for a short distance.

e) Static and Dynamic web pages

Static Web PagesDynamic Web Pages
The static web page never get changed. The dynamic web pages change on every page load.
In static web pages, the content and layout of the web page are fixed.In dynamic web pages, the content and layout of the web page may vary according to the time the web page loaded.
It can be created using HTML, DHTML, and CSSDynamic web pages can be created using PHP, ASP, JSP etc.
Statis pages are very easy to create.The dynamic web pages are complex to contruct.

The next section of NCERT Solutions IP class 12 Chapter 5 Internet and Web consists of subjective type questions.

Subjective type questions

5. Define a network. What is the need of forming a network?

A network is a group of computers connected together for sharing information and resources. A network is needed to share information and resources. To make work with distribution and control over the network for various devices. It is also needed for communication.

6. Give any two examples of networks.

  1. Various Computers connected in school from Office, Labs, Libraries, Staff room etc.
  2. Mobile Networking
  3. Social Networking
  4. Airlines, Hospitals, Railways, Banks, Hospitals

7. Give any three applications on the Internet.

  1. Chat
  2. Email
  3. VoIP

8. Name any two mail service providers.

  1. Google – gmail
  2. Yahoo – yahoo mail
  3. Rediff – rediff mail

9. Explain VoIP.

  • Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP, allows us to have a voice calls (telephone service) over the Internet.
  • These services are either free or very economical.
  • People use them to save on costs.
  • The only disadvantage of VoIP is that its call quality is dependent on Internet connection speed.

10. What is DNS?

Domain Name Server converts the alphabetic domain name to the corresponding IP address. We prefer to use alphabetic names than IP address as it is easier to remember.

The next section of NCERT Solutions IP class 12 Chapter 5 Internet and Web consists of knowledge and application based questions.

11. Identify the type of topology from the following:

a) Each node is connected with the help of a single cable: BUS
b) Each node is connected with central switching through independent cables. STAR

12. Sahil, a Class X student, has just started understanding the basics of Internet and web technologies. He is a bit confused in between the terms “World Wide Web” and “Internet”. Help him in understanding both the terms with the help of suitable examples of each.

  • Internet is a huge network of computers all connected together.
  • WWW or web is the actual content found in this huge network, which is stored in the form of numerous interlinked web pages.
  • Internet existed much before www.

13. Murugan wants to send a report on his trip to the North East to his mentor. The report contains images and videos. How can he accomplish his task through the Internet?

He can send his report through email.

14. Mampi is planning to open a company that deals with rural handicrafts. She wants to advertise about handicrafts on a social platform. Which Internet service she should use and why?

Mampi will be using World Wide Web. As she wants to make the details about her handicrafts available to people across the globe, she should be using www to make her web resource available to all.

15. Ruhani wants to edit some privacy settings of her browser. How can she accomplish her task?

  • Open browser
  • From the right corner choose the settings option from a dropdown.
  • From there choose the “Privacy and security“ tab from the left panel.
  • Once u click on here it will show all the options concerned to it.

16. Shubham wants to play a video in his browser but he is not able to do so. A message on the screen instructs him to install the Adobe Flash Player plugin. Help him to add it in his browser.

To add plug-ins, click Plug-ins options on the left side of the browser window. Make the desired selections to enable or disable the required plug-ins.

17. When Joe typed a URL in the address bar of his browser, Error 404 was displayed? Why did this happen? What can be done to avoid it?

  • 404 error indicates that the server itself was found, but that the server was not able to retrieve the requested page.
  • It is mainly triggered when website content has been removed or moved to another URL without adjusting the internal links accordingly.

That’s all from the NCERT Solutions IP class 12 Chapter 5 Internet and Web. I hope you enjoyed this article NCERT Solutions IP class 12 Chapter 5 Internet and Web. If you have any doubt or query feel free to ask in the comment section.

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