Important Question – CBSE IT 402 What to teach Open Office or Libre Office or MS Office?

CBSE IT 402 What to teach Open Office or Libre Office or MS Office?

This is very important questions for all the teachers teaching IT 402 in Class 10. So this article, I am writing to help those teachers to solve the question CBSE IT 402 What to teach Open Office or Libre Office or MS Office? So here we go!

CBSE IT 402 What to teach Open Office or Libre Office or MS Office?

As you all aware that CBSE has uploaded study material for skill-based courses a few days back. This study material you can download from the CBSE website which helps you to understand the question CBSE IT 402 What to teach Open Office or Libre Office or MS Office?

How to download IT 402 Study Material

To download study material follow these simple steps:
  1. Open any web browser and type this URL in the address bar.
  2. Find the option skill education and click on it. The link will open in a new window.
  3. Now go to the Books tab and open that link. It will provide you a page with heading – Skill Education Books and Support Material. Click on Secondary level (Class IX & X) option.
  4. A table opens with a list of subjects and material links. The study material is divided into two parts: i. Unit 1 Common for all skill courses and ii. Vocational Skill for different subjects with serial number.
  5. Click on Study Material Class X link from row with serial no.2 You will get zip file with 4- word documents. 

CBSE IT 402 What to teach? 

CBSE IT 402 What to teach? is the most important question for all of us. Because till now different schools are teaching different software out of these three office tools. So I compared and my analysis says:

    1. Open office and Libre are almost the same in features. 
    2. MS Office is very popular in automated work related to the back office. 
    3. MS Office is more user friendly and powerful features. 
    4. Open office and Libre Office have a similar kind of traditional interface whereas MS Office tools provide tabs and commands in a user-friendly way. Although the libre office latest version has a new “Notebook Bar” for users. 
    5. MS office support strong features of Macro with more options/tools supporting back office kind of work.
So these are some points that can be considered while choosing an office suite for work. Now let we talk about what CBSE has given:
First of  all let, we discuss about the list of equipment/material specified by CBSE in the curriculum. In class X curriculum page no. 11. CBSE has mentioned suggestive tools and requirements as follow:
According to this, the new study material has been prepared. But somewhere they have given MS Office and somewhere Open Office/Libre Office that we will discuss in a specific part.

Part I : Digital documentation

In this part of study material you will find Open Office writer as a tool in the following topics:
  1. Create and Apply styles
  2. Insert and Use Images
  3. Create and Use template
In the following topic you will find Libre Office writer:
  1. Tables 
  2. Create and customize the table of content
  3. Mail Merge
So as we discussed above Open Office and Libre Office tools having an almost similar interface. So in the answer of CBSE IT 402 What to teach? you can teach Open Office or Libre Office. 
If you are going with MS Office then features and steps may be changed. So according to study material and suggestive software requirements, I prefer to use Open Office for these topics. Because there is no clarification about these given by CBSE so we need to follow as per these documents only. We should not take any chance against this for the students. 

A few days back in one of the WhatsApp groups discussion, teachers were discussing we will teach all the tools and let them choose (Students). I think this is not the correct way, we have to follow the CBSE document and guideline published from time to time.  So with continuation to question CBSE IT 402 What to teach?, let us discuss unit 2 spreadsheet part. 

Part II Spread Sheet

In this part of study material you will find Open Office Calc as a tool in the following topics:
  1. Analyse Data using scenario and goal seek
In the following topics you will find MS excel :
  1. Link data and Spreadsheet
  2. Sharing worksheet data
  3. Create and Use macro in a spreadsheet
So here again I would like to say Open Office Calc is having limited features compared MS Excel. MS Excel offers easy and convenient ways to link and share data.
As in open office, these options are not available directly. Users need to activate these features from the options. In terms of macro, there is no other strong tool like MS Excel. People using MS Excel widely for Macros. So keeping mind all of these MS Excel is given in study material.
Now in the next section of CBSE IT 402 What to teach? we will discuss Unit 3 DBMS. 


In this part, OpenOffice Base is used in the study material. So there is no question of what to choose.

Part IV Web Applications and Security

The following parts added this year in web applications. Earlier it was only Web applications, but this year security is added in this part. The added options are:
  1. Internet Security
  2. Maintain Workplace Safety
  3. Prevent accidents and emergencies
  4. Project health and safety at work 
More idea about the teaching tool and software will clear when sample paper will be available. But we can’t wait for the same. But we should prepare students accordingly. If in question they mention like Word Processing Software or Digital Documentation software or Spreadsheet Software then it means any software. Whereas if they mention like OO Writer, Libre Writer, Calc, MS Word, MS Excel then it is that software specific.
So I hope you got the answer to the question CBSE IT 402 What to teach? If you have any specific doubt regarding CBSE IT 402 What to teach?


So I thank you all for reading this post. I hope your doubts are cleared now. Till you have specific queries you can comment here. 


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