25+ Important QnA introduction to AI class 10

In this article, I will discuss important QnA introduction to AI class 10. So here we go!

Important QnA introduction to AI class 10

In the beginning, let’s discuss objective types of questions for QnA introduction to AI class 10. In the objective-type questions, we will discuss fill-in blanks, true or false, and MCQ-based questions.

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Objective type questions

Let’s see the article, QnA introduction to AI class 10.

  1. _______ help us to make our work easier and more comfortable. (Ans. Machines)
  2. ___________ means man-made, which does not occur naturally. (Ans. Artificial)
  3. The ability to perceive or infer information, and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviours within an environment or context is known as __________. (Ans. Intelligence)
  4. The ability to regulate, measure, and understand numerical symbols, abstraction and logic is known as ________
    1. Linguistic Intelligence
    2. Spatial Visual Intelligence
    3. Kinaesthetic Intelligence
    4. Mathematical Logical Reasoning
  5. ________ refers to language processing skills both in terms of understanding or implementation in writing or verbally. (Ans. Linguistic Intelligence)
  6. Which of the following can be defined as the ability to perceive the visual world and the relationship of one object to another?
    1. Linguistic Intelligence
    2. Spatial Visual Intelligence
    3. Kinaesthetic Intelligence
    4. Mathematical Logical Reasoning
  7. The ability that is related to how a person uses his limbs in skilled manilr is known as naturalist intelligence. (True/False, Kinaesthetic Intelligence)
  8. A person’s ability to recognize and create sounds, rhythms, and sound patterns is known as Musical Intelligence. (True/False)
  9. If a person is well aware of self weakness and strengths or own feelings is known as _________ intelligence. (Ans. Intrapersonal)
  10. An additional category of intelligence relating to religious and spiritual awareness is known as Existential Intelligence. (True/False)
  11. The ability to communicate with others by understanding other people’s feelings influence the person is known as __________ intelligence.
    1. Naturalist Intelligence
    2. Interpersonal intelligence
    3. Intrapersonal Intelligence
    4. Musical Intelligence
  12. The basis of decision-making depends upon
    1. The available information and experience
    2. Prejudices and Suggestions
    3. Own beliefs and Knowledge
    4. Internet facts
  13. The machine’s ability to mimic human traits such as making decisions, predicting the future, learning and improving is known as ______________.
    1. Machine Intelligence
    2. Artificial Intelligence
    3. Machine Learning
    4. Machine Automation
  14. Which of the following is not a virtual assistant?
    1. Alexa
    2. Cortana
    3. Siri
    4. Chatbot
  15. AI can be used in games to the encouragement of gamers. (True/False)
  16. You are getting Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and youtube recommendations based on which of the following?
    1. Company Rules
    2. Government Policy
    3. User behaviour
    4. None of these
  17. Which of the following is the very first humanoid robot?
    1. Sophia
    2. ASIMO
    3. Pepper
    4. Romeo
  18. All smart devices are considered AI-enabled devices. (True/False)
  19. Which of the following is not AI?
    1. Humanoid robots
    2. Self Driving Cars
    3. An automated Air Conditioner
    4. All of these
  20. ___________ is a subset of Artificial Intelligence which enables machines to improve at tasks with experience (data). (Ans. Machine Learning)

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In the next section of QnA introduction to AI class 10, I will discuss some subjective type questions.

Subjective type questions

[1] What do you mean by Intelligence?

Ans. Intelligence refers to the ability to think, perceive information and apply knowledge within the behavioural environment. Intelligence can be defined as :

  • Ability to interact with the real-world – To perceive, understand and act
  • Reasoning and Planning – Modelling the external world, given input
  • Learning and Adaption – Continuous learning and adapting graph

[2] List out the types of intelligence.

Ans.: The different types of intelligence are as follows:

  1. Mathematical Logical Reasoning
  2. Linguistic Intelligence
  3. Spatial Visual Intelligence
  4. Kinaesthetic Intelligence
  5. Musical Intelligence
  6. Intrapersonal Intelligence
  7. Existential Intelligence
  8. Naturalist Intelligence
  9. Interpersonal intelligence

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[3] What is artificial intelligence?

Ans.: When a machine possesses the ability to mimic human traits or copy human behaviours or make decisions, predict the future, learn and improve on its own. In other words, machines are intelligent artificially by collecting data, understanding it, analysing it, learning from it and improving it.

The next section of QnA introduction to AI class 10 consists of questions based on AI apps and tools.

[4] Write some popular AI apps and tools.

Ans.: The following are some powerful AI apps and tools.

  1. Google: Google uses AI for responding to our queries through keywords. Gmail spam filter is also using AI technology. Google maps help through navigation in travelling.
  2. Virtual Assistants: Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and MS Cortana are some examples of Virtual Assistants. These assistants are used to accept the command in terms of voice and provide assistance.
  3. Gaming: AI is used to enhance the gaming experience for gamers. Along with this AI can help in enhancing graphics, come up with new difficulty levels, encourage gamers etc.
  4. Recommendations: As you have seen some recommendations on amazon, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube etc. These are all recommendations based on your interests and engagements likes, dislikes and comments. Some recommendations are based on preferences on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes AI also sends some notifications about online shopping details, and auto-create playlists according to requests.
  5. Chatbots: Chatbots are generally available on many websites. Chatbots are software applications integrated with AI technology used for online chat support. Sophia was the first humanoid bot.
  6. Health Apps: Health apps are also created and integrated with AI which helps users to monitor physical and mental health aspects.
  7. Others: Moreover, there are some other AI applications like face locks in smartphones, language translators, weather forecasts, and many more.

Now in this article QnA introduction to AI class 10, you will get questions about machine learning and deep learning. As per the study material for QnA introduction to AI class 10, these are the branches of AI.

[5] What do you mean by machine learning?

Ans. Machine learning refers to a branch or a division or a subset of Artificial Intelligence that requires data and a trained model algorithm. It learns by the data provided and improves the performance or processes. It applies to labelled or unlabeled data and makes a prediction.

[6] What do you mean by deep learning?

Ans. Deep learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence which works on a huge amount of data and trains the model according to the data received. It is the most advanced branch of Artificial Artificial intelligence.

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Download CBSE Question Bank PDF

Follow this link to download the CBSE AI Questions Bank Chapter 1 PDF.

Download CBSE Question Bank PDF

Questions Asked in Board Exam 2023

The following questions were asked in the board exam 2023.

1 mark questions

  1. Two popular examples of pocket assistants are _____________ and _____________ (Ans.: Cortana, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant)
  2. This is a fact that all human beings have all nine types of intelligences, but at different levels. Name any two such intelligences.
    • Write any two from subjective type questions question no 2.
  3. Identify the incorrect statement from the following:
    • AI models can be broadly categorized into four domains.
    • Data Science is one of the Domain of AI Model.
    • Price comparison websites are examples of data science.
    • The information extracted through data science can be used make decision about it
      • Only (iv)
      • Only (i)
      • (iii) and (iv)
      • (ii) and (iii)
        • Ans: Only (i)

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