7 Important programs python CSV class 12

In this article, you will get the important programs python CSV class 12. These programs can be used for your practical file. We have already given list of programs for:

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Programs python CSV class 12

In this section of Programs python CSV class 12 we will read see 3 programs to read csv file contents and print them on output screen.

[1] Read a CSV file top5.csv and print the contents in a proper format. The data for top5.csv file are as following:

1K L RahulKXI670132*
2S DhawanDC618106*
3David WarnerSRH54885*
4Shreyas IyerDC51988*
5Ishan KishanMI51699

[2] Read a CSV file emp.csv and print the contents as it is without list brackets.

1003SujalDevelopment Officer65000R & D
1004ManishaTele Caller42000Communication
1005GayatriSystem Analyst53000Software

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[3] Read a CSV file students.csv and print them with tab delimiter. Ignore first row header to print in tabular form.

In the next section, we will discuss how to write records in the CSV file using python code. Do practice for following programs python CSV class 12:

[4] Write records of customer into result.csv. The fields are as following:

Field 1Data Type

The next program of programs python csv class 12 read contents as into dictionary object.

[5] Read and print above file contents in the form dictionary.

[6] Read Students name and score from the CSV file.

[7] Count the number of records and column names present in the CSV file.

Concepts used:

  1. Skip first row using next() method
  2. line_num properties used to count the no. of rows

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