Practical File Questions Class 11 Introduction to Computer Systems

In this article, you will find the list of practical activities for Unit 1 introduction to a computer system for Informatics Practices of CBSE Class XI. These can be considered as Practical File Questions Class 11.

1 Make a drawing/chart of a computer system and label the main external devices that make a complete computer system. (Use any software to draw the picture or prepare a chart on A4 size paper)

2 Disconnect all the devices from the case of the computer and reconnect connect them. Make a list of ports and cables with their properties like port color, shape, and pins:

  1. The cable and port of the monitor
  2. The cable and port of Mouse and Keyboard
  3. The cable and port of the speaker

If you don’t have a computer at home, use google to collect the information and make a list.

3 Make a diagram to display all the early calculating devices relationships and their characteristics explained in this article, using CANVA.

4 Prepare a pyramid-like structure for the generations of computers topic. Mention their properties in the structure. Start with first-generation on top.

5 Download some pictures from the internet for the following devices and make a collage using any graphic tools like MS paint or any other app.

  1. SMPS
  2. CPU Socket
  3. RAM
  4. Had Disk
  5. Motherboard

6 Match the following:





System Image

Backup and Restore

Attach to your computer to record videos

Allow to insert photo or document as it is

Print a photo or image

Found on mobiles and tablets

Prepare these all and send the scanned copy or prepared image in one pdf file for your practical records.

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