Important 30 python list manipulation programs

In this article, you will get the important python list manipulation programs. Students, these programs can be a part of your practical file. So let us start!

Important python list manipulation programs

Here we have some python list manipulation programs or python list programming questions or Important python programs on lists. We will see all of these class 11 python program questions in different sections like create lists, traverse lists, list operations, and list functions and methods. So here we go!

In the first section of Important python list manipulation programs, we will see the programs based on list creation and traversal. This list will help students who are looking for python programs for beginners or python practical programs.

Here we go!

[1] Create a list of the following numbers and print them with their index.


[2] Create a list of your friends’ names and print them.

[3] Create a list of heights of 5 students and print the list. (Use mixed numbers integer and decimal both)

[4] Create a list of the first letter of your friend’s names and print the list.

[5] Write some lines about “Bharat is best” and make a list of words used in the input.

[6] Create a list named friends and include elements like name, date of birth, lucky number, favorite colour, weight, and height.

For the next programs of list programs in python for practice python or programs for class 11 ip or this article programs on the list for class 11, ask the user to input the list elements and then do as directed.

[7] Calculate the total number of zeros, positive and negative elements in the list.

[8] Find out the maximum and minimum element from the array. (Don’t use any function)

[9] Find out the difference between maximum and minimum elements of the list.

[10] Arrange the elements of a list in increasing order of their value.

[11] Arrange the elements of a list in decreasing order of their value.

[12] Read a number from the keyboard and check whether the entered number is present or not in the list. If present, then also print the occurrences of a entered number.

[13] Find out the average of  n elements.

[14] Find out the sum of each elements in the list.

[15] Find out the total number of even elements in the list.

[16] Find out the total number of odd elements in the list.

[17] Suppress all zero elements at the bottom of the list.

[18] Suppress all negative elements at the bottom of the list.

[19] Suppress all positive elements at the bottom of the list.

[20] Suppress all non-zero elements at the bottom of the list.

[21] Return the largest even number from the list, if there no even number in the input, print “Even not found in the list”.

[22] Find the sum of even indexed elements from the list.

[23] Find the product of odd indexed elements from the list.

[24] Write a program to take in the roll number, name and percentage of marks for n students of Class XI and do the following:

  • Accept details of the n students (n is the number of students).
  • Search details of a particular student on the basis of roll number and display result.
  • Display the result of all the students.
  • Find the topper amongst them.
  • Find the subject toppers amongst them.

You can use nested list.

[25] Create a list with some duplicate values and Remove all the duplicates from the list.

[26] Create a list and check whether your list is having any element or empty.

[27] Create a list and count the number of strings where the string length is 2 or more and the first and last character are same from a given list of strings.

[28] Create carbon copy of the list.

[29] Write a Python program to print a specified list after removing the 0th, 3rd and 5th elements.

Example: [2,3,4,5,6,7,8] then output will be [3,4,6,8]

[30] Print your list after removing all elements which are divided by 3.

Some programs on list for class 11 which is given in the NCERT Solutions. Follow the below given list to access them.

NCERT Solutions

Follow the below given links to understand the concept and that can help your to do the programs on list for class 11.

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