Class 11 IP Term 2 Practical Paper 2022 – Comprehensive Guide

In this article, I will discuss Class 11 IP Term 2 Practical Paper 2022. I hope now your syllabus of Term 2 is almost finished and you preparing for the practical exam. So here I will provide you with the term 2 practical paper with the solution. So here we go!

Practical Question paper pattern Class 11 IP Term 2 Practical Paper 2022

As per the term wise CBSE curriculum, the practical exam structure is as follows:

1SQL Queries8
2Practical File SQL Queries (20)4

So as per the above table, Class 11 IP Term 2 Practical Paper 2022 contains 3 questions. The first part is SQL queries, the second part is practical file submission and the third part is viva. So let us see the Class 11 IP Term 2 Practical Paper 2022 now.

Questions for Class 11 IP Term 2 Practical Paper 2022

The questions for Class 11 IP Term 2 Practical Paper 2022 are as follows:

  1. SQL Queries – Can be done in MySQL and answers can be written into answersheet or directly in the answersheet
  2. Practical File SL Queries (20) – The practical file with 20 queries
  3. Viva – Oral Questions asked by the examiner

Part 1 SQL Queries – Class 11 IP Term 2 Practical Paper 2022

  1. Create database krishnaenterprise and open it
  2. Create table store with following structure and insert few records
    • Itemno : int(4) – Primary key
    • ItemName: varhcar(15) – not null
    • Scode: int(2)
    • Qty: int(3)
    • rate: float
    • buyon: date
  3. Write queries to
    • Display details of all the items in the STORE table in descending order of buyon
    • Display ItemNo and Item name of those items whose Rate is more than 10
    • Display itemno, itemname, scode and rate from STORE of supplier code 20 and quantity is more than 120
    • Display itemno, itemname, rate, buyon date from STORE for all kind of pens
    • Display itemno, itemname and qty whose quantity is morethan or 70 and less than or 180


create database krishnaenterprise;
use krishnaenterprise;
create table store
(itemno int(4) primary key,
itemname varchar(15) not null,
scode int(2),
qty int(3),
rate float,
buyon date);
insert into store values
(1111, 'Sharpener', 18, 20, 5, '2021/11/04'),
(1119, 'Ball Pens', 19, 175, 25, '2021/10/01'),
(1121, 'Gel Pens', 20, 200, 22, '2021/09/15'),
(1123, 'Eraser', 18, 180, 8, '2021/12/04'),
(1124, 'Rollerball Pen', 18, 85, 15, '2022/02/15'),
(1127, 'Parker Pen', 20, 125, 45, '2022/01/01'),
(1128, 'Plastic Cover', 19, 250, 12, '2021/12/15'),
(1130, 'Paper Cover', 19, 200, 10, '2021/12/15');


select * from store order by buyon desc;
select itemno,itemname from store where rate>10;
select itemno, itemname, scode, rate from store where scode=20 and qty>120;
select itemno,itemname, scode, buyon from store where itemname like '%pen%';
select itemno, itemname, qty from store where qty>=70 and qty<=180;

Part 2 Practical File – Class 11 IP Term 2 Practical Paper 2022

The practical file should be submitted as per your teacher’s guidance. Follow this link for a sample practical file.

Dowload Practical file term 2 IP Class 11

Part 3 Viva Voce – Class 11 IP Term 2 Practical Paper 2022

In this part of the Class 11 practical paper IP, oral questions from the syllabus can be asked. Questions can be asked from any topic of the term 2 syllabus.

Watch this video for more understanding:

That’s all from Class 11 IP term 2 Practical Paper 2022. I hope this will help you with your practical exam of class 11. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask in the comment section. In addition to this kindly share your views, feedback or suggestion in the comment section as well.

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