Practical file questions for Python programming fundamentals

In this article, I will provide you the class xi computer science practical file questions for python programming fundamentals.

Programs based on python programming fundamentals

Write a python program to

Algebraic Expression

  1. Solve these arithmetic/algebraic expressions.
    1. 4x + 3y – 5
    2. 4x− 5xy + 5
    3. ut+1/2at
    4. x + y2
    5. (a + b )

Compute Areas

  1. Compute areas of the following (Find the equation and implement in python):
    1. Circle
    2. Square
    3. Sphere
    4. Triangle
    5. Rectangle

Simple computations

  1. Accept the total score, overs, and find the run rate.
  2. Enter the details of 5 players, matches played, runs scored, and print them.
  3. Enter two numbers and swap them without taking the temporary variable.
  4. Enter a number and power then compute the power using an exponential operator.
  5. Enter two numbers and perform the floor division.
  6. Enter two angles of a triangle and find the third angle.
  7. Enter any three sides of a rectangle and find the fourth side.
  8. Ask the user for the loan amount, rate of interest, and Find the no. of installments for the year. 

Shorthand operators

  1. Accept a number, then do the following using shorthand operator:
    1. Increment the number by 5
    2. Decrement the number by 2
    3. Multiply the number with 3
    4. Divide the number by 4


  1. Enter a username, password, and print the message your account has been created.
  2. Enter the money in decimal form and separate them. For example, money entered is: 100.75 then your output should be  100 Rs. 75 Paise.
  3. Conversion programs:
    1. Centimeter to Meter and Kilometer
    2. Celcius to Fahrenheit
    3. Fahrenheit to Celcius
    4. Days into Years, Months and weeks
    5. Grams to Kilograms
    6. Milliliters to liters

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