In this article, you will get an important pdf for the Class 11 Term 1 IP Practical File. According to term-wise syllabus for the session 2021-22, Informatics Practices class 11 students have to submit the practical file in Term 1 and Term 2 separately.

Class 11 Term 1 IP Practical File

The practical file is one of the important components of practical assessment for informatics practices class 11. The structure for class 11 practical assessment are as follows:

1Python program (pen and paper or Collab or any online idle or
pyroid screen for mobile)
2Practical File- 15 python Programs3

List of Practical programs for Class 11 term 1 IP practical file

The following programs are included in PDF attached over here for Class 11 Term 1 IP Practical File. These programs are taken from the suggested list of programs provided by CBSE.

1Write a python program to find average and grade for given marks.
2Write a python program to find the sale price of an item with a given cost and discount (%).
3Write a python program to calculate perimeter/circumference and area of shapes such as triangle, rectangle, square and circle.
4Write a program to calculate Simple and Compound interest.
5Write a program to calculate profit-loss for a given Cost and Sell Price.
6Write a program to calculate EMI for Amount, Period and Interest.
7Write a program to calculate tax – GST / Income Tax
8Write a program to find the largest and smallest numbers in a list.
9Write a python program to find the third-largest/smallest number in a list.
10Write a program to find the sum of squares of the first 100 natural numbers.
11Write a program to print the first ‘n’ multiples of a given number.
12Write a program to count the number of vowels in a user-entered string.
13Write a program to print the words starting with a particular alphabet in a user-entered string.
14Create a dictionary of students to store names and marks obtained in 5 subjects.
15Create a dictionary to store the names of states and their capitals.

How to prepare Class 11 Term 1 IP Practical File

The practical records can be handwritten or printed copies. In handwritten journals or project papers write the code and paste the output of the program as suggested by your subject teacher. In the handwritten Class 11 Term 1 IP Practical File, you can make initial pages according to your wish with drawings and paintings. The initial pages can be :

  1. The cover page
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Index

After preparing this start the program writing and attach the required screenshots of output.

Follow the below-given links to access more programs for IP class 11.

Python Practicals – Python Fundamentals
Python Pracitcals – Python if else
Python Programs – Looping Statements

Download the term 1 practical file from the below-given link.

Watch the video for more understanding:

That’s all from the Class 11 term 1 IP practical file. I hope this will definitely help you to prepare your practical file for class 11 term 1 IP practical file. Download the PDF and enjoy!

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Thank you very much for reading this article class 11 term 1 IP practical file PDF. See you in the next article till then TA-TA!!!

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