Comprehensive Solution Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023

In this article, I am going to provide Comprehensive Solution Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023 conducted on 23.03.2023. Let us begin!

Comprehensive Solution Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023

So let us begin with the paper pattern of Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023 for Class 12. The structure is almost similar to the sample paper released by CBSE. So let us begin with a deep look into the structure of the paper.

Paper pattern Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023

There are 5 sections in the Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023. They are as follows:

SectionQuestion TypeMarks of each QuestionTotal QuestionsMarks
A1 Mark Questions (MCQs)118 X 118
BVery Short Answer27 X 214
CShort Answer35 X 315
DLong Answer53 X 515
ECompetency based42 x 48

Section A – Solution Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023

Let’s start Solution Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023 with Section A which consists of 18 questions based on MCQs. Here we go!

  1. Which of the following topologies is very efficient and all nodes are connected to a central hub?
    • Star
    • Tree
    • Bus
    • Ring
  2. Ramandeep is a young woman with great aspirations and has a good team of like-minded people. She along with her team members started a company to sell handicrafts online and also designed a logo for their company. What type of intellectual property does this logo represent?
    • (i) Patent
    • (ii) Copyright
    • (iii) Design
    • (iv) Trademark
  3. Which of the following is a type of cybercrime where objectionable and demeaning comments are posted on social media platform about a person, such that he/she is mentally harassed?
    • (i) Phishing
    • (ii) Hacking
    • (iii) Cyberbullying
    • (iv) Identity Theft
  4. Which of the following is the correct output of the following SQL command?
    • SELECT ROUND (7876.4568, 2);
      • (i) 7876.46
      • (ii) 7876.45
      • ii) 7900
      • (iv) 7900.4568
  5. Aggregate functions are also known as:
    • (i) Scalar Functions
    • (ii) Single Row Functions
    • (iii) Multiple Row Functions
    • (iv) Hybrid Functions
  6. Primary law in India for matters related to e-commerce and cybercrime is
    • (i) IT Act 1995
    • (ii) IT Act 2000
    • (iii) IT Act 1998
    • (iv) IT Act 2010
  7. Ravisha has stored the records of all students of her class in a MYSQL table. Suggest a suitable SQL clause that she should use to display the names of students in alphabetical order.
    • (i) SORT BY
    • (ii) ALIGN BY
    • (iii) GROUP BY
    • (iv) ORDER BY
  8. To remove the leading and trailing space from data values in a column of MySql Table, we use
    • (i) Left
    • (ii) Right()
    • (iii) Trim()
    • (iv) Ltrim()
  9. If the substring is not present in a string, the INSTR() returns:
    • (i) -1
    • (ii) 1
    • (ii) NULL
    • (iv) 0
  10. What will be the output of the following code?
import pandas as pd
myser pd. Series ( [0, 0,0])
print (myser)

(i) 0 0

0 0

0 0

0 0

(ii) 0 1

0 1

0 2

(iii) 0 0

1 0

2 0

(iv) 0 0

1 1

2 2

11. Which of the following is a two-dimensional labelled data strueture of Python ?

  • (i) Relation
  • (ii) Dataframe
  • (ii) Series
  • (iv) Square

12. To compare data values of commission earned by salesmen over a year, which of the following type of graph should preferably be used?

(i) line
(ii) area

(iii) bar
(iv) scatter

13. Which of the following is not a web browser?

(i) Opera
(ii) Google Chrome
(iii) Linux
(iv) Mozilla Firefox

14. Which of the following is not a valid aggregate function in MYSQL?

(i) COUNT()
(ii) SUM()
(iii) MAX()
(iv) LEN()

15. The digital footprint that we leave online unintentionally is called
(i) Active digital footprint
(ii) Passive digital footprint
(iii) True digital footprint
(iv) False digital footprint

16. E-waste is responsible for the degradation of our environment if not properly treated or disposed of. Some of the feasible methods of e-waste management are reduce, _________ and recycle.
(i) reuse
(ii) recheck
(iii) resubmit
(iv) regular

Q. 17 and 18 are ASSERTION (A) and REASONING (R) based questions. Mark the correct choice as

(i) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation for (A).
(ii) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is not the correct explanation for (A).
(iii) (A) is true and (R) is false.
(iv) (A) is false but (R) is true.

17. Assertion (A) : A static webpage does not change for each person visiting the web page.
Reason (R) : When a web server receives a request for a dynamic web page, it locates and updates the page and sends it to the browser of the client.

Ans.: (i) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation for (A).

18. Assertion (A): The output of addition of two series will be NaN, if one of the elements or both the elements have no value(s).
Reason (R) : While performing mathematical operations on a series, by default all missing values are filled in with 0.

Ans.: (iii) (A) is true and (R) is false.

Section B – Solution Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023

19. What is a web server? How is it different from a web browser ?

Ans.: A web server is used to store and deliver the contents of a website to clients such as a browser that requests it.

Web ServerWeb Browser
A web server can be software or hardware.A web browser is only software.
A web server stores the data of the website. A web browser can redirect the webpage stores on a web server.


What do you understand by the term cookies? Give any two benefits of cookies.

Ans.: A cookie is a text file, containing a string of information, which is transferred by the website to the browser when we browse it.

Two benefits of cookies are:

  1. It helps in customizing the information that will be displayed.
  2. It remembers the information filled in the various forms online.

20. Keshav has written the following query to find out the sum of bonus earned by the employees of WEST zone.
SELECT zone, TOTAL (bonus) FROM employee HAVING Zone = “WEST’;
But he got an error. Identify the errors and rewrite the query by underlining the correction(s) done.


select zone, sum(bonus) from employee having zone=’West’


select zone, sum(bonus) from employee where zone =’West’;

21. Differentiate between COUNT () and COUNT (*) functions in MYSQL. Give suitable examples to support your answer.


It counts and returns records except null values from specified columnIt counts and returns all values including null values
It takes column name in the parenthesisIt takes * in the parenthesis
It is very effective to count unique records from tableIt is not effective to count unique records from table
Ex.: select count(dpetno) from emp;Ex. select count(*) from emp;

22. Write a Python program to create a series object, country using a list that stores the capital of each country.
Note: Assume four countries to be used as index of the series object are India, UK, Denmark, and Thailand having their capitals as New Delhi, London, Copenhagen, and Bangkok respectively.


import pandas as pd
l=[New Delhi, London, Copenhagen,Bangkok]
country=pd.Series(['New Delhi', 'London', 'Copenhagen','Bangkok'],
          index=['India', 'UK', 'Denmark','Thailand'])

23. Explain plagiarism with an example.

Ans.: Plagiarism refers to presenting someone else’s idea or works as one’s own idea or work. If any content is copied directly from the internet without giving any credit or mentioning the source or creator of the content is known as plagiarism. Sometimes product or idea derived from an existing product or idea is called plagiarism.

For example, Downloading the project from Google and submitting it for your practical board exam without mentioning the source.


Nowadays all of us frequently use social media to connect with our friends. Give any two netiquettes that we should follow while communicating on social media.

Ans.: Two netiquettes that we should follow while communicating on social media are as follows:

  1. Strong and frequently change password
  2. Be careful while accepting a friend request from unknown people
  3. Do not believe anything blindly in everything came across on social media
  4. Be cautious while uploading content

24. What will be the output of the following code:

import pandas as pd


0 3
1 10
2 3
3 10
dtype: int64

25. Carefully observe the following code:

import pandas as pd
dic={ 'pid' : [101, 102, 103, 104, 105],
'pname':['Shyam', 'Roushan', 'Archit', 'Medha' , 'Lalit'],
'sports':['Cricket', 'Tennis', 'Football', 'Cricket', 'Cricket'],
'points': [45000,20000, 15000, 53000,60000]}
player=pd.DataFrame (dic)
print (player)

Write Python statements for the following:

  1. In the data frame player created above, set the row labels as ‘Player1′, Player2’, ‘Player3′, ”Player4’, ‘Player5’.
  2. Rename the column ‘points’ to ‘netpoint’ in the DataFrame player.



#Method 2

#Method 2
player=pd.DataFrame (dic,index=['Player1','Player2','Player3','Player4','Player5'])


#Method 1

#Method 2

Section C – Solution Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023

26. Consider the table Patient given below and write SQL commands.

Table Patient

1000001Ritvik GargDelhi684762132021-12-10Surgery
1000002Rahil AroraMumbai365463212022-01-08Medicine
1000003Mahek AroraDelhi684218792022-02-02Cardiology
1000004Soumik RaoDelhi265432662022-01-11Medicine
1000005Suresh SoodBanglore654324422021-03-09Surgery

(i) Display the details of all patients who were admitted in January.
(ii) Count the total number of patients from Delhi.
(iii) Display the last 2 digits of the Patientid of all patients from Surgery Department.


  1. select * from patient where monthname(dateofadm)=’January’;
  2. select count(*) from patient where city=’Delhi’; or select city,count(*) from patient group by city having city=’Delhi’
  3. select right(patientid,2) from patient where department=’Surgery’; or select mid(patientid,-2) from patient where department=’Surgery’

27. Kavyanjali, a chemical analyst, needs to arrange data of few elements in the form of two series containing symbols and their atomic numbers respectively. Thereafter, the data of these two series has to be arranged and displayed in the form of Data Frame as shown below:

 SymbolAtomic Number

Help her in writing suitable Python code to complete the task.


import pandas as pd
d={'Symbol':s1,'Atomic Number':s2}

28. Consider the given DataFrame ‘health’.

0Common ColdVirus

Write suitable Python statements for the following
(i) Remove the row containing details of disease named Tuberculosis.
(ii) Add a new disease named ‘Malaria’ caused by ‘Protozoa’.
(iii) Display the last 2 rows.


  1. health.drop(health[health[‘Diseasename’]==’Tuberculosis’].index,inplace=True) or health=health.loc[health[“Diseasename”]!=’Tuberculosis’] or health=health.query(“Diseasename!=’Tuberculosis'”) or health=health[health[“Diseasename”]!=’Tuberculosis’]
  2. health.loc[len(health)]=[‘Malaria’,’Protozoa’] or health=health.append({‘Diseasename’:’Malaria’,’Agent’:’Protozoa’},ignore_index=True)
  3. print(health.tail(2)) or print(health.iloc[-2:]) or print(health[-2:]) or print(health.loc[len(health)-2:])

29. Manohar received an email from a company, named Makemoney Pvt. Ltd., claiming that Manohar has won 20 lakhs in a survey done online. In order to claim the prize money, he was required to answer a few security questions such as his Name, Account number, PAN card details, Phone number, and OTP for verification purposes. For this, he had to click on the link provided in the email.
Answer the following questions:
i) Should Manohar give the required details to the company?
ii) What is the activity depicted above?
iii) What should he do with this email?


  1. No, he should not give the required details to the company
  2. Phishing
  3. He should delete the email immediately and not click on any link given in the email


What do you understand by the term Hacking? Write any two measures that one should take to avoid being the victim of hacking.


Hacking is the act of unauthorised access to a computer, computer network or any digital system. Hackers usually have technical expertise of the hardware and software. They look for bugs to exploit and break into the system.

Two measures that one should take to avoid being the victim of hacking are as follows:

  1. Use strong password for web login, and change it periodically. Do not use same password for all the websites. Use different combinations of alphanumeric characters including special characters. Ignore common words or names in password.
  2. Always perform online transactions through secured sites only.

30. Write the output (i-iii) for the following SQL commands.


F03Night Cream170020
F04Day Cream140010

(ii) SELECT SUM (Price*Qty) FROM FASHION WHERE Product=”Night Cream”;
(iii) SELECT LEFT (Product, 4) FROM FASHION WHERE Price>1500;
















Find the output of the following SQL queries:
(ii) SELECT UCASE(RIGHT (“Pollution” , 3))







UCASE(RIGHT(“Pollution” , 3))







Section D – Solution Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023

31. Write the SQL queries which will perform the following operations

  1. To display the year from your Date of Admission which is 2023-05-15.
  2. To convert your email id ‘’ to lowercase.
  3. To remove leading spaces from a string ‘my country’.
  4. To display current date.
  5. To display the value of 106.


  1. select year(‘2023-05-15’);
  2. select lower(‘ABC@XYZ.COM’); or select lcase(‘ABC@XYZ.COM’);
  3. select ltrim(‘my country’);
  4. select date(now());
  5. select pow(10,6);


Consider a table PRODUCT with the following data :



Write SQL queries using SQL functions to perform the following operations:

  1. Display the first 3 characters of all Itemnames.
  2. Display the names of all items whose Stockday is “Monday”.
  3. Display the total price of all the products.
  4. Display the maximum Price.
  5. Display the average Price of all the products by the company named Logitech.


  1. select left(itemname,3) from product;
  2. select name from product where dayname(stockdate)=’Monday’;
  3. select sum(price) from product;
  4. select max(price) from product;
  5. select avg(price) from product where company=’Logitech’;

32. XEED Private Ltd., Delhi is a company that deals with educational toys. They have different divisions HR (A1), Sales (A2), Production (A3) and Marketing (A4).
The layout of the Delhi branch is:

IP Class 12 board paper 2023 Q32

The company also has a branch in Bangalore. The management wants to connect all the divisions as well as all the computers of each division (A1, A2, A3, A4).
Distance between the wings are as follows:

A3 to A125 m
A1 to A240 m
A2 to A425 m
A4 to A320 m
A3 to A230 m
Al to A4170 m
Delhi Head Office to Bangalore Office2154 km

Number of computers in each of the wing:


Based on the above specifications, answer the following questions

  1. Suggest the topology and draw the most suitable cable layout for connecting all the divisions of Delhi branch.
  2. Suggest the kind of network required (out of LAN, MAN, WAN) for connecting Production (A3) with the Bangalore branch.
  3. Which device can be used to connect the network of Delhi Branch to the Internet ? This device should be able to receive data, analyse it and then transmit it to the network.
  4. Suggest the placement of switch/hub with justification.
  5. Many employees were finding it difficult to “cope up with work pressure and hence were showing stress related symptoms. In order to improve the mental health of its employees, HR planned to conduct an online session with a mental health expert from Mumbai. Out of the options given below, suggest the protocol that will help to send the voice signals over internet to conduct the session successfully. (a) FTP (b) SMTP (c) VOIP (d) POP


(i) Bus Topology

Cable Layout:

Comprehensive Solution Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023

(ii) WAN

(iii) router

(iv) Switch/hub is required in each division

(v) VOIP

33. Consider the following graph. Write the Python code to plot it. Also add the Title, and label for X and Y axis.
Use the following data for plotting the graph
sname=[“Sahil”, “Deepak”, “Anil”, “Ravi”, “Riti”]

Comprehensive Solution Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023


mport matplotlib.pyplot as plt
sname=["Sahil", "Deepak", "Anil", "Ravi", "Riti"]
plt.xlabel("Student Name")
plt.ylabel("Marks Scored")
plt.title("Marks Secured by students in Term - 1")


Write python code to draw the following bar graph representing the total sale in each quarter. Add the title, Label for X-Axis, and Y-Axis.

Use the following data for plotting the graph:



Comprehensive Solution Informatics Practices Board Paper 2023


import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

plt.title("Sales each quarter")

34. Consider the following table schooldata:


20150001Sargam Singh12STEM86Male
20140212Alok Kumar10SPACE75Male
20090234Mohit Gaur11SPACE84Male
20130216Romil Malik10READER91Male
20190227Tanvi Batra11STEM70Female
20120200Nomita Ranjan12STEM64Female

Write SQL queries for the following:

  1. Display average marks secured by each gender.
  2. Display the minimum marks secured by the students of grade 10.
  3. Display the total number of students in each club where number of students are more than 1.


(Option for part (iii) only)

Display the maximum and minimum marks secured by each gender


  1. select gender, avg(marks) from schooldata group by gender;
  2. select grade,min(marks) from schooldata where grade=10;
  3. select club,count(*) from schooldata group by club having count(*)>1;


select max(marks), min(marks) from schooldata group by gender;

35. Consider the following DataFrame ‘mdf’.


(A) Write Python statements for the DataFrame ‘mdf’:

(i) To display the records of the students having roll numbers 2 and 3

(ii) To increase the marks of subject Math by 4, for all students.

(B) Write Python statement to display the Rollno and Name of all students who secured less than 10 marks in Maths.


Write Python statement to display the total marks i.e. sum of marks secured in English, Hindi, and Maths for all students


(A) (i) print(mdf[1:3]) or print(mdf.iloc[1:3]) or print(mdf.loc[1:2])

(ii) mdf[‘Maths’]=mdf[‘Maths’]+4 or mdf.Maths=mdf.Maths+4

(B) print(mdf.loc[(mdf[‘Maths’]<10),[‘Rollno’,’Name’]])



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