Important QnA – Dataframe functions for IP class 12

In this article we will discuss QnA – Dataframe functions.

Objective Type Questions – dataframe functions

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Fill in the blanks:

  1. A _________function is used to display top rows (n) from dataframe.
  2. A _______ function is used to display bottom rows (n) from dataframe.
  3. _____ refers to passing True and False value as an index in Dataframes.
  4. To pass index label _________ keyword is used to in pd.dataFrame() function.
  5. By default you can display ____ no. of top/bottom rows using head()/tail() function.

Fill in the blanks Answers for dataframe functions:

  1. head()
  2. tail()
  3. ignore_index
  4. index
  5. 5 (five)
Consider this Dataframe from all questions given below

Now in the nest section we will see MCQs from the Dataframe functions topic:


1 Choose the correct function to rename city columns to location using rename() function:

a. df.rename(columns={‘City’:’Location’})

b. df.rename(columns={‘City’=’Location’})

c. df.rename(‘City’=’Location’)

d. df.rename(df.columns(‘City’,’Location’))

2 Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct with respect to df.columns properties to rename columns

  1. All columns must be specified
  2. Columns must be in the form of a list
  3. Old column names not required
  4. Columns can be specified with columns number

a Only 1 is correct

b 1, 2 and 3 are correct

c 1 and 3 are correct

d All of them are correct

3 df.index properties ca be used to

a rename rows

b rename columns

c rename rows and columns both

d None of these

4. To display 2 rows from the top in the dataframe, which of the following statement is correct:

a df.head()=2

b. df.head(n=2)

c. df.head(range(2))

d. All of the above

Error based Questions – Dataframe functions

  1. Find errors from the given code fragments:
Line 1: Dataframe Object is missingdf = pd.DataFrame({‘S.NO’:[1,2,3],’Name’:[‘Sapan’,’Vivek’,’Vishal’]})
Line 2: columns keyword is missing, and rename is a function so bracket needs to be replaced to correctdf.rename(columns={‘S.No’:’SNO’,’Name’:’Sname’})
Lines 3: index properties requires a list not in a tuple formdf.index=[1,2,3]


df.index=[1 to 3]



Application Based questions

Watch this video understand the topic and answers.

1 Consider above dataframe and rename columns using rename() function and df.columns properties.

Old column Names : City, Email, Fees

New Column Names: Location, ContactDetals, Charges


1 Using Rename Function:


2 Using columns properties:


2 Consider above dataframe and rename rows using rename() function and df.index properties.

New indexes: 1,2,3,4


1 Using rename function:


2 Using index properties:


3 Write a statement to rename rows and columns together for the dataframe.

df.rename(columns={'City':'Location','Email':'ContactDetails','Fees':'Charges'}, index={0:1,1:2,2:3,3:4})

4 Write statement to display top and botton 3 rows from dataframe.


print(df.head(3))  or   print(df.head(n=3)) 
print(df.head(3))  or   df.tail(n=3)

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