5+ Sample Paper Informatics Practices Class 12 Comprehensive guide

Hey everyone, In this article, I am going to discuss the sample paper informatics practices class 12 in detail for the current academic year 2022-23. Let’s discuss the assessment structure and paper pattern for Informatics Practices 065 Class 12. So here we go!

Sample Paper Informatics Practices Class 12

CBSE has changed the pattern for this academic year vide circular no. 57 dated 20.05.2022 subjected Assessment and evaluation practices for the board for the session 2022-23 for Sample Paper Informatics Practices Class 12. As per the new pattern 30% CBQ (Competency Based Questions), 20% (Objective Type Questions, and 50% SA(Short Answer)/LA(Long Answer) questions.

Assessment Structure for Sample Paper Informatics Practices Class 12

As per the above-mentioned circular, it is as follows:

Board examination (Theory)Existing (2021-22)Modified (Annual Scheme 2022-23)
CompositionTerm I – Multiple Choice Question including case-based and assertion reasoning type MCQs – 100% ( 20% questions competency-based)

Term II – Case-based/ Situation based, Open-ended- short answer/long answer (20% questions competency-based)
Competency Based Questions would be minimum 30%. These can be in the form of Multiple Choice Questions, Case based Questions, Source-based Integrated Questions or any other types.

Objective Type Questions will be 20%

Remaining 50% Short Answer/Long Answer Questions (as per existing pattern)

Internal Assessment

There is no change in internal assessment and it is the same as prescribed in the CBSE curriculum document released via board vide circular no. 50/2022 on 28th April 2022.

The topics or chapters going to be included in the half-yearly/term 1 exam are :

  1. Data Handling Using Pandas – I
  2. Data Visualization
  3. Data Transfer between Pandas and CSV

Download the Sample Paper Informatics Practices Class 12

Blueprint for sample paper is as follow:

Ch. No.Chapter1 M2 M3 M4 M5 MTotalMarks
2Data Visualization2*2*5
3CSV & Pandas0
6Societal Impacts52*2*9*10
Total questions including OR189*7*25*41
Extra (OR)222
Questions to be Attempted187523 35
Section wise Marks181415815 70

Chapter-wise Blueprint for Half Yearly/PT-2/Mid-Term Exam for Sample Paper Informatics Practices Class 12

This blueprint is prepared with the view of giving best practices for the topics and weightage in the board exam and according to Sample Paper Informatics Practices Class 12.

1 mark Questions2 Marks Questions3 Marks
4 Marks
5 marks
Total Marks
Python Pandas1442212341
Plotting with PyPlot4311918
Import/Export Data between csv and pandas21311
Total No. of Questions18752335 
Total Marks18 x 1 = 187 x 2 = 14 5 x 3 = 15 2 x 4 =83 x 5 = 15 70

The above blueprint was prepared for the best understanding of the new pattern of CBSE. When CBSE will release a sample paper then I will prepare a question paper accordingly.

Objective-type questions have an important role in the CBSE informatics practices sample paper. Follow this link to take a look at it.

Sample Papers for Practice Half Yearly/Mid Term/Term 1 Exam

S.NoSample Paper for PracticeAnswer KeyWatch Video
1SQP 1View/DownloadWatch Video

Now in the next section download the sample paper for the pre-board.

5 Solved Sample Paper Informatics Practices Class 12

S.NoSample PaperAnswer KeyWatch Video
1Sample Paper 1View/DownloadWatch Now
2Sample Paper 2View/DownloadWatch Now
3Sample Paper 3 – (Coimbatore Sahodaya Schools Complex)View/DownloadWatch Now..
4Sample Paper 4 – (Coimbatore Sahodaya Schools Complex)View/DownloadWatch Now
5Sample Paper 5 – KV RanchiView/DownlaodWatch Now

Unsolved Sample Paper Informatics Practices Class 12

S.NoDownload PDF
2Jammu Region

Stay tuned with us for more sample papers that will come soon. If you want to ask anything feel free to comment. Thank you for your visit!

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