Important QnA mobile telecommunications technologies class 12

Welcome to new article for class 12 computer science – Important QnA mobile telecommunications technologies class 12. In this article we are going to see certain questions like OTQ (Objective Type Questions) and STQ (Subjective Type Questions). So here we go!

Important QnA mobile telecommunications technologies class 12

Let’s start this article Important QnA mobile telecommunications technologies class 12 with OTQs. Here you will get fill in the blanks, True/False, MCQ type questions.

  1. In 1G,2G,3G,4G, and 5G – G refers to __________________.
    1. Group
    2. Generations
    3. Gaming
    4. Genious
  2. The ___________ was used to transmit only voice data where analog signals used to carry voice data between sender and receiver. (Ans. 1G)
  3. In 2G which of the following improvement has been done?
    1. Enabled MMS
    2. Internet Access with high speed
    3. Bring wireless experience at a new level
    4. IoT and Machine to Machine communication
  4. The 3G increased the use of internet through mobiles. (True/False)
  5. 5G offers data transfer rates in GBPS. (True/False)
  6. The ___________ was established in Europe in mid-1980s for communications. (Ans. GSM)
  7. Which of the following is required in GSM for mobile communications?
    1. GPRS
    2. Bluetooth
    3. SIM Card
    4. Wifi Hotspot
  8. The __________ is location-based service provided into mobile communications for tracking the location. (Ans. GPRS)
  9. Which of the following uses transceivers for line-of-site multichannel connection?
    1. CDMA
    2. GSM
    3. GPRS
    4. WLL
  10. GSM uses _____________ that allows eight simultenuos calls on same radio frequency. (And. TDMA)

In the next section of Important QnA mobile telecommunications technologies class 12 I will provide you some subjective type questions. Follow the below given link to find the answers:

Mobile Communications

Subjective type questions

  1. Write the year of development of the following mobile generations:
    1. 1G
    2. 2G
    3. 3G
    4. 4G
  2. How mobile changes the world of the internet? Write in brief in your words.
  3. Write a short note on 1G.
  4. Differentiate between:
    1. 2G and 3G
    2. 3G and 4G
  5. What are the advancements in 5G will take place over 4G?
  6. Write the full form:
    1. SIM – Subscriber Identification Module
    2. GSM – Global System for Mobile communications
    3. GPRS – General Packet Radio Services
    4. TDMA – Time Division Multiple Access
    5. CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access
    6. IoT – Internet of Things
    7. SMS – Short Message Service
    8. MMS – Multimedia Message Service
    9. M2M Communications – Machine to Machine Communications
    10. WLL – Wireless in Local Loop
  7. What do you mean by GSM? Explain in detail.
  8. What is a SIM card? Explain in detail.
  9. Explain GPRS in brief.
  10. What do you mean WLL? How it works?

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