Project Computer Science Class 12 The Comprehensive Guide

Project Computer Science Class 12 needs to be submitted by students as a practical component of the SSCE board exam or the CBSE practical board examination for the practical assessment. So in this article, I will guide you on what is Project computer science Class 12 and how to prepare for it. So let us begin!

What is Project Computer Science Class 12?

The aim of the class project is to create something that is tangible and useful using Python file handling/ Python-SQL connectivity.

This should be done in groups of two to three students and should be started by students at least 6 months before the submission deadline. The aim here is to find a real-world problem that is worthwhile to solve.
Students are encouraged to visit local businesses and ask them about the problems that they are facing. For example, if a business is finding it hard to create invoices for filing GST claims, then students can do a project that takes the raw data (list of transactions), groups the transactions by category, accounts for the GST tax rates, and creates invoices in the appropriate format.

Students can be extremely creative here. They can use a wide variety of Python libraries to create user-friendly applications such as games, software for their school, software for their disabled fellow students, and mobile applications, of course, to do some of these projects, some additional learning is required; this should be encouraged. Students should know how to teach themselves.

The students should be sensitized to avoid plagiarism and violations of copyright issues while working on projects. Teachers should take the necessary measures for this.

Download Project computer science Class 12 with source code

The Project computer science Class 12 can be made using concepts learned in classes 11 and 12. It carries 8 marks out of 30 marks in practicals. The hard copy of project documentation should be submitted individually by the student.

Before starting the work towards Project computer science Class 12 you should be aware of what topics should be included in Project computer science Class 12. So in this section of Project computer science Class 12, I will guide you in detail about the topics to be included in your Project computer science Class 12. So let us start!

The Project computer science Class 12 documentation should cover these topics:

  1. Initial Pages
  2. Table of contents
  3. Preface
  4. Introduction to Project
  5. The objective of the project
  6. Scope of the Project
  7. The Existing System
  8. Proposed System
  9. Input/Output Requirement
  10. Hardware and Software Requirements
  11. System Design
  12. Tables and Fields for Database or Database Dictionary
  13. Security Control
  14. Future Scope of the Project
  15. Conclusion
  16. Reference or Bibliography

Initial Pages of the documentation for Project computer science Class 12

The documentation of the Project synopsis CBSE Class 12 consists of a few initial pages. These pages are as follows:

  1. Cover Page: Includes basic information such as Name of School, School Logo, and Address along with Name of student and roll number.
  2. Acknowledgment: Includes the acknowledgment for the people who helped in preparing the project
  3. Certificate Includes the certificate about the project, which needs to be duly signed by Internal Examiner, Principal, and External examiner.

Table of Contents

The table of contents for the Project synopsis CBSE Class 12 consists of the topics and page numbers for the project synopsis. You can use the built-in facility of Table of content provided by MS word or you can prepare on your own. It just contains the title of the topic and page number.

Preface for Project computer science Class 12

The preface consists of a few lines about how you were attracted to this project or why you have selected this project. Provide brief information about it and add a little bit about the project. It should be 1 page only.

Introduction to Project

This topic covers a brief introduction to your project. Simplify your project purposes and the main aims of the project. Explain how the project will be helpful to solve real-life problems using computers.

The objective of the project

State the main objective of the project including the following:

  1. Goals to be achieved by this project
  2. On a whole, the whom project will be helpful
  3. How it will be helpful to the people associated with the work
  4. How the records will be managed

Scope of the project

This section of the Project synopsis CBSE Class 12 consists the information about the future scope of the project. You can express your views on what will be done in the future. You can also focus on the areas for regular updates and version advancements in this section.

The existing system

Brief the information related to the existing system for your project. How the manual work is done and how your project will minimize efforts, and time and saves money for doing the tasks effectively.

You need to study the existing system in detail and then you can write about that. Do a small research on the existing system and reflect on it in this section of the Project synopsis CBSE Class 12.

The proposed system

After a detailed study of the existing system, the next step is the proposed system. The proposed system should reflect the complete information which helps minimize the problems that exist in the manual or existing system. The proposed system includes all the aspects related to reducing the efforts, and saving money and time for the organization.

Input/Output requirements

This section consists of all the possible data for inputs and output. Data can be stored in MySQL database or in Binary files. You can use any one of the concepts from MySQL Database or Binary files to store the data. Determined the variables or fields to be used in the database for input and output.

Hardware and Software Requirements

This section consists of hardware and software requirements for the project after deployment. Once it’s ready and installed then how much memory, hardware, and software is required to launch and work with the project should be clearly mentioned. There are two types of Hardware and software requirements:

  1. Minimum requirements: That is the least requirement to run and use the software
  2. Recommended requirements: That is the suggested requirement to run and use the software efficiently.

System Design

Brief the information related to design. Write about the interface and design platform. How users can work on the system with their own customization should be discussed in this section of the Project synopsis CBSE Class 12. Mention the design aspects of the project and how it is going to be used in the system.

Tables and Fields for Database

The tables and fields for the database should be defined over here. Prepare the structure for all the required tables in your database. The complete structure of database tables with the necessary constraints should be included in this topic. You can also produce some sample data in the tables for more clarity.

Security Control

This section of the Project synopsis CBSE Class 12 provides information about usernames and passwords along with different users’ roles and access to the database and other related data items. The user’s schema should be defined clearly before giving access to various users. Determine the requirements of the client and define the user’s schema for the project.

Download Project Guide for Computer Science Class 12 Project

Here a complete guide on how to do a project is attached in the following link. Download it.

Project Synopsis Comprehensive guide

Download Computer Science Class 12 Projects

S.NoProject Code (Python Program)DocumentationVideo
1Hospital Management SystemProject ReportProject Explanation
2ISP Customer Management Initial Pages
Project Documentation
Project Explanation
Project Report
3ATM Machine (Tkinter)Project DocumentationProject Explanation

The Python source is available at the following link. Download the code and share this article with your friends.


This is the last section before references in the project. You can write about your experience while developing this project. What you learn and how it helps the organization while making this project. You also write points related to the project which can be helpful for the users.

Reference or Bibliography

Enlist all the reference books you have used to make this project. You can also write the websites and digital media that helped you in making this project. List out all of them with the publisher and authors in this section.

That’s all from the article. Kindly share your views in the comment section. Share this article with your friends to help them as well.

Watch this video for an explanation:

Thank you for reading this article! Good Luck to you and Happy Project Making!!!!!!

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