Comprehensive Solution Practical Paper 1 Information Technology 402 Class 10

In this article, Solution Practical Paper 1 Information Technology 402 Class 10 I will discuss a comprehensive solution for IT practical paper for class 10. Here we go!

Solution Practical Paper 1 Information Technology 402 Class 10

As per the latest curriculum of skill courses offered by the CBSE Skill Education Department, Information Technology with subject code 402 is assessed as Theory (50) + Practical (50). So I have provided question papers for the practical exam in the following link:

Download Practical Paper IT 402 Class 10

Here I will provide Complete and Comprehensive Solution Practical Paper 1 Information Technology 402 Class 10. Here we go!

The practical question paper of Information Technology class 10 consists of three practical questions based on Digital Documentation (Writer), Electronic Spreadsheets, and Database Management Systems. In addition to this 30 marks are distributed in the practical records file, viva, and project work/field visit.

1Digital Documentation Advanced5
2Electronic Spreadsheet5
3Database Management System10
4Viva Voce (Based on Project and Practical work)10
5Project Work/ Field Visit10
6Practical File / Portfolio10

Let’s start now Solution Practical Paper 1 Information Technology 402 Class 10. Here it is!

Question 1 Digital Documentation Advanced

Open OO writer and create a template. Follow the below given instructions.

Topic – Create and Use Template


  1. Create a style “Pl_Heading” as shown in the paragraph. Consider the following formatting:
    o Font – Arial Black
    o Size – 24
    o Colour – Blue
    o Alignment – Center
  2. Insert a shape and keep it as place placeholder for the image.
  3. Type the text as displayed below with body text style to give an introduction of the player.
  4. Insert the table as given below and apply the formatting.
  5. Create a template using the above formatting and set it as default.

The output should be look like as follows:

Solution Practical Paper 1 Information Technology 402 Class 10

Solution Question 1

Steps to apply formatting to the heading:

  1. Open OO writer and select a new file.
  2. Type the heading as shown in the question – Player Profile.
  3. Now apply the formatting from the toolbar or format menu:
    • Change the default font to Arial Black
    • Change the colour to Black
    • Change the font size to 24
    • Change the alignment to center

Steps to Create Pl_Heading style

  1. Select the typed heading
  2. Now create a style named – Pl_Heading from the Styles and Formatting dialog box
  3. The styles and formatting dialog box can be opened by choosing Format -> Styles and Formatting option or by pressing F11
  4. Now click on the New Style From Selection option from the right corner of the Styles and Formatting window
  5. Type the style name – Pl_Heading and Click on OK

Steps to Apply the style

  1. Select the typed heading
  2. Click on Format -> Styles and Formatting option. A dialog box appears.
  3. Select the style Pl-Heading and double-click on it.

Steps to insert shape

  1. Place the cursor where the image placeholder will be created.
  2. Now click on the Show Draw Functions button in the toolbar. The draw functions toolbar will be added to the bottom of the window.
  3. Choose a rectangle from the toolbar to show the draw function.
  4. Now draw it in the writer window.
  5. Change the border colour and fill color as displayed in the question.
  6. Double-click into the shape to type the text – Player Photo in the placeholder.

Steps to create body text

  1. Type the text as required.
  2. Select the placeholder and do right click.
  3. Choose wrap -> Optimal Page wrap.

Steps to insert and create table as given the question

  1. Click on Insert Table and specify the columns 2 and rows 2.
  2. Click on OK button.
  3. Type the header row text.
  4. Change the background color for the row.
  5. Change the color for text.
  6. Align it to the center.
  7. Now type the text in other rows as shown in the question.

Steps to Create Template

  1. Choose File -> Template -> Save option.
  2. Name the template and click on Ok.

Apply template as default

  1. Click on File -> Template -> Organize option. A Template Management dialog box will appear.
  2. Choose My Templates and Select the template saved previously.
  3. Now click on the Commands button and choose Set as Default Template option.

Output Preview

Output question 1

Question 2 Electronic Spreadsheet

Question 2 is taken from the topic electronic spreadsheet.


Create a new file in spreadsheet software. Follow these instructions. Create the following spreadsheet and follow the instructions:

Solution Practical Paper 1 Information Technology 402 Class 10
  • For the above spreadsheet consider the formula for profit as =B4-B2-B3
  • Obtain the solution for Cost price so that profit will be 10000.


  1. Open OO Calc and enter the data as shown in the figure.
  2. Type the formula for profit in the cell address B5.
  3. Place the cursor in the cell where a formula is entered.
  4. Now click on Tools -> Goal Seek.
  5. Enter the cell address containing a formula and should be displayed in the Formula Cell box.
  6. Type the target value in the Target Value box. For our question, the value is 10000.
  7. Now in the variable cell box select the B2 cell and click on OK.
  8. A dialog shows a new value with the message: “Goal Seek Successful. Insert result (6500) into the current cell?” with the Yes and No button.
  9. Click on the Yes button.
  10. The value will be displayed in the cell b2.

Question 3 Database Management System

Question 3 is taken from the Database Management System.


Create the following table STAFF in OO Base and perform the below given queries:

  1. Create the above table using the design view.
  2. Write the following queries in SQL views:
    a. Display the name, department, and experience of male employees.
    b. Display details of female employees working in finance and research.
    c. Display the details of employees whose names start with ‘n’.
  3. Create a form using the wizard to enter, Delete, and show the data of staff.
  4. Create a report showing data department-wise.


Steps to create table and insert data

  1. Open OO Base and Click on the Tables button.
  2. Now click on Create Table using Design View.
  3. A table design window appears.
  4. Enter desired field names, select desired data types, and set the primary key.
  5. Now save the table.
  6. Insert data.

MySQL Queries:

  1. select NAME, DEPT, EXPERIENCE from STAFF where GENDER=’M’;
  2. select * from STAFF where GENDER =’F’ and or job in (‘Finance’,’Research’);
  3. select * from employee where NAME like ‘N%’;

Steps to Create a form

  1. Click on the forms button.
  2. Click on Use Wizard to create a form. A form wizard dialog box appears.
  3. Choose the table from the tables or queries option.
  4. Now select all fields to add to the form. and click on the Next button.
  5. Again click on Next as we are not going to add a sub form.
  6. Now arrange the controls in the main form. and Click on the Next button.
  7. Now click the form to display all data and click on the Next button.
  8. Select the appropriate style for the form.
  9. Name the form and select the option works with the form.
  10. Click on the Finish button.

Now use navigation buttons, New Record button and Delete Record button to perform operations.

Steps to create a report

  1. Click on the Reports button.
  2. Click on the option to use a wizard to Create a Report.
  3. Select the table and fields to be used in the report. and Click on Next.
  4. Choose the labels from the window and click on Next.
  5. Select the grouping on the dept column and click on Next.
  6. Click on Next after the sorting option.
  7. Choose the desired layout. and click on the next button.
  8. Choose the title of the report and select the Create Report Now radio button.
  9. Click on the Finish button.

That’s all from the solution of practical paper 2.

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