Split up Syllabus Informatics Practices Class 11 Comprehensive Notes

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Split up Syllabus Informatics Practices Class 11

I have divided the syllabus of informatics practices in class 11 according to our school calendar. It is as follows:

PTMONTHUnit/Chapter/TopicPractical/ProjectWorking Days
PERIODIC TEST – IJUNEUnit 1: Introduction to Computer System Introduction to computer and computing: evolution of computing devices, components of a computer system and their interconnections, Input/output devices. Computer Memory: Units of memory, types of memory – primary and secondary, data deletion, its recovery and related security concerns. Software: purpose and types – system and application software, generic and specific purpose softwareUnderstanding and Identifying various generations of Computers, components of computers, input/output devise and software basics17
JULYUnit 2: Introduction to Python Basics of Python programming, Python interpreter – interactive and script mode, the structure of a program, indentation, identifiers, keywords, constants, variables, types of operators, precedence of operators, data types, mutable and immutable data types, statements, expressions, evaluation and comments, input and output statements, data type conversion, debugging. Control Statements: if-else, for loopLaunching and working with python IDLE Writing basic programs in python Programs: Generating patterns, summation of series, finding the factorial of a positive number etc 25
PERIODIC TEST – II (MID TERM)August Lists: list operations – creating, initializing, traversing and manipulating lists list methods and built-in functionsPrograms: finding the maximum, minimum, and mean of numeric values stored in a list; linear search on a list of numbers and counting the frequency of elements in a list23
PERIODIC TEST – II (MID TERM)September Dictionary: concept of key-value pair, creating, initializing, traversing, updating and deleting elements, dictionary methods and built-in functionsPrograms: count the number of times a character appears in a given string using a dictionary, create a dictionary with names of employees, and their salaries and access them20
Periodic test – IIINOVEMBERUnit 3: Database concepts and the Structured Query Language Database Concepts: Introduction to database concepts and its need, Database Management System. Relational data model: Concept of domain, tuple, relation, candidate key, primary key, alternate key, Advantages of using Structured Query Language, Data Definition Language, Data Query Language and Data Manipulation Language, Introduction to MySQL, creating a database using MySQL, Data TypesTheory-based concepts8
Annual exam  2024DECEMBERUnit 3: Database concepts and the Structured Query Language Data Definition: CREATE TABLE Data Manipulation: INSERT Data Query: SELECT, FROM, WHERESQL Commands: To display the entire content of table, to display table content using various operators  24
Annual exam  2024JANUARY 2024Unit 4: Introduction to the Emerging Trends Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Immersive experience (AR, VR), Robotics, Big data and its characteristics, Internet of Things (IoT), Sensors, Smart cities, Cloud Computing and Cloud Services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS); Grid Computing, Blockchain technologyUnderstanding of AI, Machine Learning, NLP and other technologies, How they works23
Annual exam  2024February 2024Thorough Revision for the Final Examinations Revision25

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Informatics practices class 11 notes and questions

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Split up Syllabus Informatics Practices Class 11

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