Term 2 Practical Paper IT 402 Class 10 – Comprehensive Guide

Term 2 Practical Paper IT 402 Class 10

In this article, I will discuss Term 2 Practical Paper IT 402 Class 10. Actually, there are some confusions among us for the practical assessment of Information technology. As earlier CBSE has not mentioned term wise practical in the syllabus but while marks entry in term 1 they have provided the term 1 (25 marks) column for the practical.

So we need to divide the practical portion into term 1 and term 2 (25 + 25) marks. So here I will guide how to set the question paper and how to conduct the Term 2 Practical Paper IT 402 Class 10. So let’s begin!

Term 2 Practical Paper IT 402 Class 10 – Pattern of Assessment

As per term wise syllabus, Only the Unit 3 Database Management System can be assessed in the practical exam. So the topics that can be assessed in the practical exam are:

  1. Create table
  2. Insert Data
  3. Edit records
  4. Delete records
  5. Sort table data
  6. Creating relationships
  7. Query creation
  8. Edit query
  9. Applying criteria in query
  10. Peform calculations
  11. Grouping data
  12. Creating forms
  13. Modifying forms
  14. Insert delete records using form
  15. Creating reports

As per my best understanding, I have divided the Term 2 Practical Paper IT 402 Class 10 into the following pattern:

1Practical Question (DBMS)
— Create database, create table and insert records (4)
— Queries (SQL Commands) (3)
— Create Forms (2)
— Create Reports (1)
2Project Work/Field Visit5
3Portfolio/Practical File5
4Viva Voce5

So let us start the practical question paper of IT 402 for term 2. Here we go!

Watch this video to understand article:

Term 2 Practical Paper IT 402 Class 10 – Questions

As given in the above table, Term 2 Practical Paper IT 402 Class 10 contains 4 questions. Out of them, only 1 question is related to doing practical work on the computer whereas 2 questions are based on practical work records and 1 question is oral or verbal viva questions.

So let us begin with question 1 practical work. If you are looking for practical questions on DBMS follow this link.

Unit 3 DBMS practical questions (IT 402 Class 10)

Q 1 Practical Question (DBMS)

In this question of 10 marks, I am going to add the topics create a table and insert records, Queries, forms and reports. So let go!

[1] Create a database “Exam” and create a table “Marksheet” having the following structure:

Field NameData TypeSize

Insert a few records into the table.


  1. Create a new database “Exam” using wizard
    • Open OO Base and Select “Create a new database”, click on Next button.
    • If you want to register database then select, “Yes, register database for me” otherwise click on “No, do not register the database” in the next option.
    • Checkmark the option “Open the database for editing”
    • Click on “Finish” button.
    • Save the database with name “Exam”
    • OO Base opens with the main window now.
  2. Create a table – “Marksheet” (Use design view to create table, you can also use SQL View, click here to learn how to create table)
    • Clcik on Tables button in left pane.
    • Now click on create table in Design view option.
    • A new window appears. Specify the fieldname and datatype for the fields.
    • Assign Studno as a primary key.
    • Save the table as “marksheet”
  3. Inserting records (Use datasheet view or SQL view)
    • Open marksheet table in datasheet view and enter few recrds.
    • Save the table records when you leave the datasheet view

[2] Do the following queries on the table mark sheet: (Write SQL Commands)

  1. Display name, rollno, marks of 3 subjects.
  2. Display the rollno, student name whose name starts with A using SQL command.
  3. Display the rollno, name and marks whose subject 101 marks are more than 70.
  4. Display the records who secured the marks between 50 to 70 in subject 103.
  5. Display all the record in ascending order of names.
  6. Display the rollno, name, sub101, sub102, sub103 with an increment of 5 marks in each subject.


  1. select name, rollno, sub1, suub2, sub3 from marksheet;
  2. select rollno, name from marksheet where name like ‘%A%’;
  3. select rollno, name, marks from marksheet where sub101>70;
  4. select * from marksheet from sub103 between 50 and 70;
  5. select * from marksheet order by name;
  6. select rollno, name, sub101, sub101+5, sub102+5, sub103+5 from marksheet;

[3] Create forms to display all records in a form. The form should allow to enter and delete records directly.


  1. Click on forms button from the left pane.
  2. Now select the option: Use wizard to create form
  3. A new window appears, add all columns to the form and select next.
  4. Now jump to the step arrange controls according to your wish and click on next.
  5. Set the data entry options and click next.
  6. Apply the format you want and click on finish.

[4] Create a report for the same to display all the records. Choose the format as per your choice.


  1. Click on reports button.
  2. Now select the option: Use wizard to create report
  3. Add all the available fields and click on Next
  4. Choose appropriate labels for the available fields and click on Next
  5. Now jumpto step 5 to select layout for the report, choose appropriate report layout and click on next.
  6. Give the proper name for your report and select dynamic or static report and click on finish button.

Q 2 Project Work/Field Visit

A report should be submitted for project work or field visits. If you are looking for a project work sample watch this video:

Follow this link for a detailed guide:

Class 10 IT 402 Project work

Q 3 Practical File

Submit a practical file with any 5 problems based on OO base. Follow this link to download a sample file. (Consider only OO base practicals as I have prepared a complete practical file with Writer and spreadsheet problems).

Download Practical File Term 2 IT 402 Class 10

Q – 4 Viva Voce

Viva Voce questions can be asked from the project and practical file. You should have a good idea regarding your project and the practical file you have submitted. Some general viva questions I have included in this link:

Viva Voce Questions IT 402 Class 10

That’s all from my side for Term 2 Practical Paper IT 402 Class 10. If you have any doubts or queries regarding Term 2 Practical Paper IT 402 Class 10, feel free to ask in the comment section. Feel free to share your views, feedback or suggestions regarding this article Term 2 Practical Paper IT 402 Class 10.

Thank you very much for reading this article Term 2 Practical Paper IT 402 Class 10.

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