Chapter 2 Encoding Schemes and Number System

In this article, I will provide Chapter 2 Encoding Scheme and Number System Class 11 NCERT Solutions. So let’s start1

Chapter 2 Encoding Scheme and Number System Class 11

Let’s start the solution of the encoding scheme and number system class 11 with basic questions.

  1. Write base values of binary, octal and hexadecimal number system.
    • Binary – 2
    • Octal – 8
    • Hexadecimal – 16
  2. Give full form of ASCII and ISCII.
    • ASCII – Americal Strandard Code for Information Interchange
    • ISCII – Indian Script Code for Information Interchange
  3. Try the following conversions:
Chapter 2 Encoding Schemes and Number System Q2 1
Octal to Binary Class 11
Q2 3 Number system CS NCERT Class 11

(IV) Do yourself.

Binary to decimal class 11

(VI) Do yourself.

  1. Do the following conversions from decimal number to other number systems.
Decimal to binary class 11

(ii) Do yourself.

decimal to octal class 11 computer science

(iv) Do yourself.

decimal to hexadecimal class 11

(vi) Do yourself

5. Express the following octal numbers into their equivalent decimal numbers.
(i) 145 (ii) 6760 (iii) 455 – Do yourself.

fractional numbers octal to decimal class 11 computer science

6. Express the following decimal numbers into hexadecimal numbers.
(i) 548 (ii) 4052 (iii) 58 – Do yourself.

fractional decimal to hexadecimal class 11
  1. Express the following hexadecimal numbers into equivalent decimal numbers.
Hexadecimal to decimal CS Class 11 1

(ii) and (iii) do by yourself.

hexa dec to dec cs class
  1. Convert the following binary numbers into octal and hexadecimal numbers.
    Whenever you are going to convert binary to hexadecimal follow the shortcut method.
binary to hexa decimal class 11 CS

(ii) 110110101 (iii) 1010100 (iv) 1010.1001 – Do yourself.

  1. Write binary equivalent of the following octal numbers.
Octal to Binary Short cut method Class 11

(ii) 5610 (iii) 742 (iv) 65.203 – Do yourslef.

If you are looking for a calculator to check the conversion follow this link: Rapid tables

  1. Write binary representation of the following hexadecimal numbers: (i) 4026 (ii) BCA1 (iii) 98E (iv) 132.45 – Do yourself.
  2. How does computer understand the following text? (hint: 7 bit ASCII code).

(i) HOTS

  • ASCII value of H is 72 and its equivalent 7-bit binary code = 1001000
  • ASCII value of O is 79 and its equivalent 7-bit binary code = 1001111
  • ASCII value of S is 83 and its equivalent 7-bit binary code = 1010011
  • ASCII value of T is 84 and its equivalent 7-bit binary code = 1010100
ASCII Code72798384
Binary Value1001000100111110100111010100

(ii) Main

  • ASCII value of M is 77 and its equivalent 7-bit binary code = 1001101
  • ASCII value of a is 97 and its equivalent 7-bit binary code = 1100001
  • ASCII value of i is 105 and its equivalent 7-bit binary code = 1101001
  • ASCII value of n is 110 and its equivalent 7-bit binary code = 1101110
ASCII Code7797105110
Binary Value1001101110000111010011101110

(iii) CaSe – do yourself.

  1. The hexadecimal number system uses 16 literals (0 – 9, A– F). Write down its base value. – Do yourself
  2. Let X be a number system having B symbols only. Write down the base value of this number system. – Do yourself
  3. Write the equivalent hexadecimal and binary values for each character of the phrase given below. – ‘‘ हम सब एक”
  • ह – 0939
  • म – 092E
  • स – 0938
  • ब – 092C
  • ए – 090F
  • क – 0915
  1. What is the advantage of preparing a digital content in Indian language using UNICODE font?
  • It allows to incorporate all the characters of every written language.
  • It provides a unique number for every character
  • Every character represented thorugh unicode is compatible for various devices like mobile, tables, computer and os like Linux, Windows, Android etc.
  1. Explore and list the steps required to type in an Indian language using UNICODE.

Step 1: Type the instruction in the Indian language
Step 2: Each character has its own hexadecimal code that the machine will read that code. 
Step 3: The machine will then convert that UNICODE to binary code and do the task according to the instruction given

  1. Encode the word ‘COMPUTER’ using ASCII and convert the encode value into binary values. – Do yourself

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