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In this article, I am going to share a good website that help you to Crack your competitive exams with in 2022. Almost more than 90% of students have a dream of a government job or wants to pass the competitive exam for knowledge. So here I am writing this article to help them.

Competitive exams with

Competitive exams are very important for many purposes. These exams are SSC CGL, IBPS, UPSC exams, or any other competitive exams, the requirement of a reference book is a must for all types of students. Most of the candidates like yours opt for reference books, sometimes called side books, for better preparation. Now, there is a heated argument between bright candidates and average candidates that reference good or bad!

Here are a few questions you need to consider:

  1. What is your opinion?
  2. Is it good for your competitive exam preparation?
  3. is it just a waste of money buying it?

The answer is it is worth the cost, and why are we saying so? The answer is below. Keep reading this post.

How Are Reference Books Good For Competitive Examination?

Reference books are always good for competitive examinations. Because they are sources of information and knowledge. It provides detailed concepts and sample questions shared by experts. Here are a few important points to be considered:

Covers myriad of concepts

If you have observed carefully, then there is no specific publication for UPSC, SBI, IBPS, or any other competitive exam. That is why different books and study materials are available to ace your exam preparations. Another factor that makes reference books important is that they cover different concepts.

And if you compare them with conventional textbooks, textbooks contain limited questions. As a result, exam candidates do not get the learning opportunity to understand different concepts. Solving one kind of conceptual question in different manners will enhance the cognitive ability and provide optimal knowledge to students.

Elaborated concepts

No doubt that reference books contain plenty of concepts. But they are presented in an elaborate manner. Which means there is no problem with understanding concepts. After all, a detailed explanation is there and what else is required. If we take an example of reasoning questions in the UPSC NDA paper, several reference books have elaborated on solving reasoning questions.

In fact, many students have the habit of mugging up answers. But they forget that this is not the correct way or approach to preparing for exams. An Examiner is smarter than you, and they will not repeat the book questions in actual exams. That is why studying reference books are also very necessary. So, follow this tip very carefully when you are preparing for any exams.

Miscellaneous information

No one knows what kind of questions are expected in the exam. Hence, it is better to have extra knowledge with yourself. This is where reference books emerge as the saviour. No matter what kind of information you want, reference books have plenty of them. Extra information is worth the cost! After all, if not in this exam then in future, it may be required.

However, students have the problem of ignorance and only read the required information. This means if the question asks to find the value of x, then they will only do the same. What all kinds of extra information they require, no focus is there! That is why only bright scholars are able to clear competitive exams for those who acquire extra knowledge. Remember that knowledge never goes to waste. It is just a matter of time and opportunity.

Teach you the problem-solving approach

One major difference that distinguishes textbooks and reference books is that reference books teach students about problem-solving. Therefore, students who have the problem of rote learning and not getting good scores in competitive exams must study from reference books as well. If students find solutions in different manners, then they will easily learn how to solve problems. In fact, it also boosts their mental strengths and cognitive ability that help tackle problems in the future.

The Bottom Line

So, students who were arguing that reference books are not good for exam preparation must have got the answer. Start studying today and get good scores.

So if you are looking for such types of reference books, here I have a great solution for you. Kindly visit the following website.

Test Books for competitive exams in 2022

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