NoOfPeriods - time table software in excel

Time table software in excel is very useful to set the timetable in schools. I got this timetable excel worksheet from one of the KV teachers who came to my school as an external practical examiner. I am very thankful to him for giving such a useful .xls file.

Time table software in excel

Time table software in excel is password protected file for editing, but you cant set your timetable as per your need easily. So let’s begin.

This time table table software in excel has following features:

  1. Generates time table automatically after basic input
  2. Check conflicts and errors while generating time table
  3. Prepares class-wise and teacher wise time table
  4. Generate Consolidated printable time table
  5. Substitution Arrangement facility is also available for 15 teachers and 6 merged/suspended classes
  6. It can generate a time table for 20 sections and 30 teachers
  7. Day wise time table can be also viewed
  8. You can set a fixed period for a class before time table generation
  9. Teacher replacements
  10. All teacher and All classes time table can be generated
  11. You can also set a block period and common period for all the classes

Now let’s see which steps you need to follow for creating time table. The 4 easy steps for time table software in excel are as following:

  1. Basic Input for teachers, subjects and class teachers
  2. Set the fixed periods
  3. Adjust the periods
  4. Create time table

Basic Input Screen for Time Table Software in excel

The basic input screen for time table software in excel consists of three main tables.

  1. Teachers Details
  2. Subject Details
  3. Class Teacher Details

Observe the following screenshot:

Basic input screen time table software in excel

Fill up the data as per the column headers. You can navigate through the tables using clicks on links Table1, Table2, and Table 3. When you finish the basic input click on NoOfPeriods sheet in the workbook.

Set the fixed periods

If you have some fixed periods you can set it from the FIX PD worksheet as I have done it for MPT, CCA, X-X and X0X, observe this screenshot.

fixed period time table software in excel

Adjust the periods

Now here you can see the classes and subjects will appear as per your entry. Select the number of periods for each subject and class appropriately. This software allows 48 periods for each class. So if fewer periods are there then you have to adjust them accordingly. I have used X-X and X0X subjects for the adjustments. Observe the following screenshot:


Click on Next button given on top of the worksheet.

Adjust Teacher according to Subject

Set the teacher according to the subject, observe the following screenshot.

adjust teachers according to subject - time table software in excel

Here you can also adjust the class teacher period also as well as some common periods for all classes and Block periods also.

When you are done click on Create button. It will take few seconds to generate the time table.

You can print/view time table according to following:

  1. Master Time Table: Show all the classes time table in one screen
  2. Teacher wise: Display the selected teacher time table
  3. Class wise: Display the selected class time table
  4. Day Wise: Display the selected day time table
  5. All TR: Display all teachers time table
  6. All Classes: Display all classes time table
  7. Arrangement: This can be used for substitution arrangements
  8. Replace: You can replace a teacher

I hope this will be helpful for you in preparing the timetable for your school. If you have any doubt regarding this, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Feel free to share your views/suggestions/feedback for the timetable software in excel in the comment section.

Thank you for reading this article.

Follow this link to download the excel worksheet for time table software in an excel file.

24 thoughts on “School Time table software in Excel in 4 easy steps”
  1. Hi I tried to create time table but I am getting an error like subscript out of range . Can u guide me to solve

  2. Hi I tried to create time table but I am getting an error like subscript out of range . Can u guide me to solve

      1. Hi I tried to create time table but I am getting an error like subscript out of range . Can u guide me to solve


  4. error049720_03.xml
    Errors were detected in file ‘C:\Users\NKDAV\Desktop\time table\Time Table.xlsm’

    Removed Part: /xl/comments1.xml part with XML error. (Comments) Load error. Line 2, column 174.
    Removed Part: /xl/comments2.xml part with XML error. (Comments) Load error. Line 2, column 198.


    i am facing this problem is any solution for this???????

  5. S.Krithika says:

    Even am getting error, can u plz help me out

  6. Can we make the timetable with 130 teachers entries along with nur to xii all class have 6 sections.

      1. Ramkumar M S says:

        after dividing 130 teachers.. cant we merge them together.? coz teachers from grade 4 also takes grade 8

    1. RAJALAKSHMI says:

      Can we make the timetable with 80 teachers entries?

  7. ये टाइम टेबल जनरेट नही होता. error आता है. आप ऐसा धोका मत दीजिये. आप खुद डाउनलोड करके टाईम टेबल करते है देखिये टाइम टेबल होता नही. लोगो का वक्त बरबाद मत किजीये

  8. what is the password?
    I’m also getting a lot of errors
    reference isn’t valid

  9. Hi to you?
    I’m getting problem on the reference issue is not valid

  10. Hi. Please advise on how to remove Saturday ( remain with Monday to Friday) and increase the lessons from 8 to 9 per day.
    Also on how to deal with runtime error 9.

  11. Can you please give password for visual basic code access.

    1. I am going to upload new one wait for some time as I also don’t have password access

  12. Shweta Kakade says:

    How to unprotect sheet

  13. what should be filled under abbreviation column?

  14. can we make tt for 10 sec each from class 3-12 with number of teachers 200+. Kindly guide

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