Coding For kids with C language easy guide 6 to 12

Welcome to the world of Coding for kids with C language. In this article you will learn how to start coding with C language. So here we start!

Coding For kids with C language

As you know whenever you are working with computers, you are working with the programs. These programs are written in different programming languages. Few of them are C, C++, Java, Python, R, Go etc. Now technology has a huge impact on almost every field today. So I provide you with the basic knowledge of C language by this series of videos and notes of Coding for kids with C Language. This will help all of them who want to learn to code in an easy manner. I will cover the coding using C that is coding in C, Coding with C tutorial. It is for them who want to start coding from the basics.

C language was developed by Dennis M. Ritchie in the early 1970s. It is procedure-oriented programming which executes the program line by line. So for this, you need to install Turbo C on your computer or laptop. Download the Turbo C program by following this link:

Download Now

Installing Turbo C

Installation of Turbo C is quite easy and step by step installation wizard will do the work by it self after running it. Then open turbo c in full screen mode.

The interface will open and you can start your programs from here. Remember these shortcut keys for working with C language.

  1. F5 – To make the screen in full screen mode inside Turbo C
  2. Copy – Ctrl + insert
  3. Paste – Shift + insert
  4. Save the program – F2
  5. Run the program – Ctrl + F9
  6. Output – Alt + F5

First Program – Hello World

When you start the screen the blue screen will appear write your program. The code looks like this:

void main()
  printf("Hello World")
  • Every C program starts with main() function. A function is a set of instructions that fulfil the user’s task in the programing language.
  • The brackets have a special meaning in C language.
    • () – Round or moon bracket are used after function names, as you can see in the above program after main.
    • {} – These curly brackets are used to write code blocks like function, conditions and many more.
    • [] – These brackets are used with Array that I will cover later.
  • printf() – Printf() function is used print the output on the screen.

How to start with C language and how to write your first program, watch this video:

If you are interested for learning python follow this link:

Python for Beginners

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