Preeti Arora Chapter 2 Functions unsolved questions Computer Science Class 12 Comprehensive guide

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Chapter 2 Functions Preeti Arora Class 12 Unsolved Questions Computer science || Solution Chapter 2 Functions unsolved questions Computer Science Class 12

[1] A program having multiple functions is considered better designed than a program without any function. Why?

[2] Write a function called calculate_area() that takes base and height as input arguments and returns the area of a triangle as an output. The formula used is:

Triangle Area = 1/2*base*height


def calculate_area(base,height):
        return 1/2*base*height

b=int(input("Enter base:'))
h=int(input("Enter Height"))
print("The area of triangle is:",area) 

[3] Modify the above function to take a third parameter called shape type. The shape type should be either triangle or rectangle. Based on the shape, it should calculate the area.
Formula used: Rectangle Area = length*width


def calculate_area(p1,p2,shape):
    if shape=='triangle':
      return 1/2*p1*p2
    elif shape=='rectangle':
      return length*width
      priint("Invalid Shape, Shape must triangle or rectangle")

s=input("Enter shape:")
a=int(input("Enter parameter1:"))
b=int(input("Enter parameter2:"))
print("The area of ",s, " is:", area)

[4] Write a function called print_pattern that takes an integer number as an argument and prints the following pattern.

If the input number is 3.
* *
* * *

If input is 4, then it should print:
* *
* * *
* * * *


def print_pattern(n):
    for i in range(1,n+1):
      for j in range(1,i+1):

x=int(input("Enter no. of lines:"))

[5] What is the utility of: –
(I) default arguments (II) Keyword arguments

[6] Describe the different types of functions in Python using appropriate examples.

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