This article provides you Artificial Intelligence Class 9 or objective-type questions. Assess yourself and check your knowledge of the subject.

Artificial Intelligence Class 9 Quiz

Let’s start the quiz topic-wise and chapter-wise.

Quiz Demo Chapter 1 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

In this section, questions are selected from the topics Introduction to artificial intelligence and AI domains.

Unit Test 1 Objective Type Questions AI Class 9

Unit Test 1 Objective-type questions for Artificial Intelligence Class 9. Topics included:

  1. Part A Employability Skills - Communication Skills and Self Management Skills
  2. Part B Subject Specific Skills - Basics of AI and AI Domains


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The ability to regulate, measure, and understand numerical symbols, abstraction and logic is known as ________

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The ability that is related to how a person uses his limbs in skilled manila is known as naturalist intelligence.

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___________ is a subset of Artificial Intelligence which enables machines to improve at tasks with experience (data).

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  1. Which of the following is not a virtual assistant?

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___________ means man-made, which does not occur naturally.

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