Practical questions for electronic spreadsheet advanced class 10

In this article you will find the practical activities for unit 2 electronic spreadsheet (advanced). If you missed notes and assignments you can visit landing page of IT 402. This questions can be used for electronic spreadsheet advanced class 10

Using consolidating data

1 Prepare worksheet as given below and do as directed:

Data for Consolidation
Data for Consolidation
  1. Add two worksheets in the file and modify the data for all 4 quarters.
  2. Rename all worksheets like sheet1 – 2018, sheet2 – 2019 and sheet3 – 2020.
  3. Now add one more worksheet at the end and rename as consolidated sheet.
  4. Now type the serial no and names as displayed, use sum function to add data for 2018, 2019 and 2020 in respective cells using consolidation.

2 Prepare monthly class test worksheet as given in below screenshot and prepare consolidated result as displayed below:

Consolidating Data 2
Data Consolidation 2

3 Prepare a worksheet as given below and do as directed:

Data for Define Range
Data for Define Range
  1. Assume these data is for previous year. Now add one more worksheet and enter data as per your wish for all batsmen.
  2. Now add one more worksheet to show the sum of these two years runs the newly added worksheet.
  3. Now create ranges for your data, Give the names as Y2018 and Y2019 respectively.
  4. Perform data consolidation and update data also and see the changes are reflected or not.

Creating Subtotals

4 Prepare a worksheet as displayed in the following screenshot:

Creating Subtotals
Creating Subtotals

5 Prepare following worksheet and display the sum of item according to items and then regions.

Subtotals in OO Calc
Data for Subtotal

Your output should be like this:

Subtotals output
Subtotals output

6 Use the same data as above and display the report with maximum values in group.

What-if Scenarios

7 Enter following data into worksheet and compute strike rate of batsman:

Runs Scored80
Balls Faced77
Strike Rate103.90

The formula for strike rate is: =(cell1 / cell2) * 100

Now find out the strike rate for following data and give them proper names and comments.

  1. When score is 55 and balls faced are 40.
  2. When score is 78 and balls faced are 80.
  3. When score is 95 and balls faced are 77.

8 Use the similar data as above and display the results for 5 values row wise and column wise for each. Consider the following output:

Column Wise multiple operations
Column Wise multiple operations

Now enter same data into rows and prepared data accordingly.

10 Consider the above data and help a player to achieve the strike rate of 150. How many runs he needs to score?

Runs Scored: 30

Balls Faced: 55

Strike Rate: 54.55

9 Consider the following values for total marks and percentage. Now student want to score 95%, help him to displaying the result:

Total Marks: 380

No. of Sbujects: 5

Result: 76

10 Use solver to display multiple results on above question 8. Your conditions are as following:

  1. Strike Rate should be 180.
  2. Runs 100 to 125
  3. Balls 150 to 200

11 A student is planning his goals about the marks he should score in the internal assessment to 97%. Assuming that examination of each subject is for 20 marks, his marks of the two periodic tests are given as under:

EnglishHindiMathsScienceSocial Science
Periodic Test 11817151315
Periodic Test 21512101213

Student can do any five questions from the given list.

Work submitted by a student for board practical file. Appreciate his work by sharing your views in the comment section.

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