In this article, you will get sample paper Artificial Intelligence Class 10. This article is written to help the teacher and student community of AI class 10 to help them.

Let us discuss the pattern, structure and chapter-wise distribution of marks as per the new pattern. Let us begin now!

Have look at previous year question papers and answer keys:

Artificial Intelligence Class 10 Board Paper 2022-23

Paper Pattern for sample paper Artificial Intelligence Class 10

As per the CBSE circular dated 20.05.2022 vide circular no. 57 states that the evaluation and assessment practices are changed for the current academic year 2022-23. The comparison between the previous year and the current year pattern is as below:

Year End Examination/ Board Examination (Theory)(2021-22) Existing (As per Special Scheme of Assessment for Board Examination – Circular No. Acad-51/2021 dated 05.07.2021)(2022-23)
(Annual Scheme)
CompositionTerm I – Multiple Choice Question including case based and assertion reasoning type MCQs – 100% (30% questions competency based)

Term II – Case based/ Situation based, Open Ended- short answer/ long answer questions (30% questions competency based)
Competency Based Questions would be minimum 40% – These can be in the form of Multiple Choice Questions, Case based Questions, Source-based Integrated Questions or any other types.

Objective Type Questions will be 20%

Remaining 40% short answer/long answer questions

So as far as our subject Artificial Intelligence and sample paper Artificial Intelligence Class 10 is concerned we have 50 marks theory paper. So the sample paper AI can be made accordingly.

sample paper Artificial Intelligence Class 10

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Syllabus for sample paper Artificial Intelligence Class 10

The topics covered for sample paper AI Class 10 are as follows along with probable marks distributions:

Part A Employability Skills

Unit & Chapter NameVSASATotal QuestionsTotal Marks
Employability Skills1 M2M
Self Management Skills2246
Basic ICT Skills2134
Entrepreneurial Skills2246
Total No. of Questions6511 16
No. of questions to be answeredAny 4Any 3 0710

Subject-specific skills

Unit & Chapter NameVSASALATotal QuestionsTotal Marks
1 M2M4M
Introduction to AI6221018
AI project cycle611812
Natural Language Processing 621914
Total No. of Questions24653556
No. of questions to be answered20Any 4Any 3 2740

Download sample paper Artificial Intelligence Class 10

Download the sample papers for sample paper AI Class 10. Here we go!

S.noSample PaperAnswer KeyWatch Video
1CBSE SQPCBSE SQP Marking SchemeWatch Now
2Sample Paper 1Answer Key Sample Paper 1Watch Now
3Sample Paper 2Answer key Sample Paper 2Watch Now
4Sample Paper 3Answer Key Sample Paper 3Watch now
5Sample Paper 4Answer Key Sample Paper 4Watch Now
6Sample Paper 5Answer Key Sample Paper 5
7Sample Paper 6Answer Key Sample Paper 6

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