Sample Papers Artificial Intelligence

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Dear Students and AI Teachers, in this post you will get sample papers on Artificial Intelligence. You can download the question papers and use them.

Sample Papers Artificial Intelligence

The following questions paper of AI is made from the following topics of Class 9 Artificial Intelligence Syllabus.

  • Introduction to AI
  • Application of AI in real life
  • The AI Games
  • The domains of AI
  • Code Combat
  • Google Teachable Machine
  • The introduction and impacts of Sustainable Development Goals
  • The Possibilities of AI

Unit Test I Question Paper AI Class 10

Periodic Test Questions Paper AI Class 10

Half yearly Questions paper AI class 9

Unit Test 2 Questions Paper

Annual Exam Paper 2021

Follow this link to download the annual exam paper for artificial intelligence class 9.

Annual Exam Paper 2021

Watch this video for an explanation for the Annual exam:

Year ending practical exam question paper

Follow this link to download the year ending practical exam question paper for AI class 9.

Practical Question Paper 2021

CBSE sample paper 2021

Find CBSE sample paper and Marking Scheme:

Sample Paper 2020

Marking Scheme SQP 2020

Click on the below-given link to read comprehensive notes of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

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